October 31, 2006

October Music Chartz

So soon... another month has zipped by.
My Top 10 Songs for October
1. Faith Like That - Jonah33
2. A Better Way - Downhere
3. Stand in the Rain - Superchic[k]
4. Noone Else - Building429
5. Working Man's Hands - Jonah33
6. Atmosphere - TobyMac
7. More Love, More Power - Jeff Deyo
8. La Bible - Apologetix
9. Blessed be the Name - Tree63
10. Rebirthing - Skillet

My Top 5 artists for October
1. Jonah33
2. Downhere
3. Hillsongs
4. TobyMac
5. Building429

Now I'm ready to step into November - more music, new place etc etc... and still too lazy to blog

October 15, 2006

This is where I stand..... again!

I'd come back to Vellore last night to attend the Church Retreat today. I woke up sleepily and soon Koshi & I scooted off in an auto to church (chomping bread) and loaded lots of stuff into the big bus and then, after stopping off at the hospital and college campuses, a loaded bus along with a line of cars twisted around narrow paths to PRAVAHAM - a quiet Retreat Center.
And at Pravaham... I discovered where I stood - spiritually.
I really cant put my finger on what some magic verse /song / part of the message that opened my eyes so much. But at the end of the day, I just knew where I needed more strength, where I was doing well and where I needed more guidance. The obstacles and clouds that stood in the way were clearer. Doubts I had were clarified and I felt the urge to draw closer to Christ.
And no.... it wasnt a serious, monotonous day. We had great fun!! Rigging up the equipment for the worship, last minute work on the powerpoints, loads of singing on the bus with 2 guitars, coaxing a cow to move out of the path, patiently waiting for coffee and plenty of humor punctuated the day.
Arun Andrews has a wonderful way of communicating with the audience and connecting with them - putting across difficult to comprehend truths in simple words.
At the end of the day I was tired but satisfied. I have plenty of time in the next few days to work on things I learnt.
This is where I stand...... today!

October 13, 2006

This is where I stand

Friday the 13th: D-day!!
After getting ready, checking, rechecking I finally got dropped at ICH by Appa and Amma and went to the exam hall early.
To put in the experiences and details of today is impossible.
To sum it up I was shown exactly where I stand academically. I did my neonate case quite well - reflecting the 6 months extra I spent in nursery.
The rest of the exams were a mixture of answering questions I knew, stumbling on questions I didnt, being shown areas I lacked, receiving credit for things I knew.
I felt the examiners were jumping questions and seemed to be in a hurry to finish off. There were moments of mutual humor, moments of uncomfartable silences, moments of appreciative head-noddings and moments of unapproving stares.
I did what I could and that's it - nothing fancy, nothing too embarassing ( I hope!).
I missed some questions I knew and had the wisdom to answer some stuff I'd never heard of.
I hadnt seen the cases before the exams unlike the other 4 candidates who had already worked up the cases the previous week and knew them better. Will that change anything? Was it unfair?
I didnt have an internal examiner to moderate anything.
I have no idea how I had performed compared to the other candidates - my performance will be ultimately compared with theirs.
My lack of preparation was glaring in some places.
At the end of it all I felt pretty unsatisfied - wishing the examiners had spent more time asking me to elicit findings or explaining some stuff.
I apprecited the skilled assistants who were very helpful and friendly and had also arranged for our lunch.
This is where I stand - academically... and the exams seemed fair enough as it showed me what I knew and what I didnt.
The examiners will now decide whether the performance is worthy of an MD degree. Meanwhile God continues to unravel His wondrous plans in my life.
For now - it's not wise to think about the results till they come out officially.
While my human tendency screams out to call up someone and find out the unofficial results, God says - "Be still.... "
Today...... this is where I stand.

October 6, 2006

Big Bro!!

Just received this link from Appa about Arun!
This is impressive stuff. I could rave on and on about Arun - but the best part is that he's always big brother and has been instrumental in me deciding to commit my life to Christ, switch over to Christian music and get my priorities right in life. He's also been a source of inspiration and solutions in many times of crises that we have faced as a family. His dependance on prayer and Christ have inspired many people.
We share a lot in common especially the way we look (although my hair is better combed and you'll never catch me in a suit!!)
Now the link above may not tell you the things I've said above, but ..... it is impressive right!!
You can see his homepage here - http://www.csee.wvu.edu/~ross/
Just run a google search for him - you'll never reach the end of the results page!
Anyway.... just felt like bragging about my big brother tonight.
I just had a haircut and now it's time to quickly shower and get back to the library. Less than a week for my practical exams!!!