September 7, 2006

Fear, friends, links, games, SMS and spyware

Today raw fear about the exams hit me quite hard just before I packed up from the library to return to my room. I am pretty nervous about the exams, but for a few minutes I experienced how unprepared and worthless I seemed. In a way it's good, but I hope that it spurs me on to study more...
The best part of today was bumping into Santosh - my classmate at college. He'd been in Australia for a 6-month fellowship and had come back just a week ago. We talked in hushed tones in the library where we met and caught up on happenings. His career looks all set to take off and I hope he does well. I pondered for a moment about what all my classmates were upto. I'd created a page on our homepage called NOW a few months ago. You'll see how different each of us is! I gotta update that page sometime as things have changed a lot!
Site of the day: CCM links: a daily update of free Christian mp3s available legally online! Looks like I'll be checking it everyday!
Game of the day: Exodus3000: Takes 10-20 minutes a day, but is quite addicting! Try it! You'll like it!
SMS of the day: From Sophia (She's doing an MCA course - Master of Computer Applications) "Hope you're studying well for your exams. I am praying that God will bless you with more RAM"
My reply: "Er.... I also need a faster processor..."
Other things I did today: Updated my Spybot S&D program and ran a scan - found a few nuisances which I deleted.
Gosh... isn't life esciting... so much in so little time!!

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Thanks for linking to me. I appreciate knowing that the work I've done is getting noticed.

Have a great day!

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