September 6, 2006

Endocrinology, lyrics, and more

I tried to read some Endocrinology today (that includes all stuff like your thyroid glands, adrenals, growth hormone, puberty etc etc) and it seemed quite volatile. I tried reading from 3 books and managed to cram in some knowledge. Will I remember it tomorrow? That's the million-dollar question during this time of cramming and studying! I actually regret all the time I wasted before. I should advice my juniors to hit the books the day they join the course!!

SMS of the day (courtesy Gladwin):
Morning is God's Way of saying: "One more time!" Live ur life... Make a difference...Touch 1 heart, encourage 1 mind.. & inspire 1 soul. Have a blessed morning..!
Time Sent: 6-Sept-2006. 07:15:48
Thanx for the great start to the day Glady!

Lyrics of the Day:
I'm still fascinated by Downhere
"Calmer of the Storm" by Downhere - Lyrics: The music and the lyrics blow my mind away!!

Jolly Sent me this SMS - she was in library too a few rows behind me: "Benji, I can see your brains oozing out through your ears"
My response: "Aiyo! Now they are all gone out! What to do? It's all empty now...."
Maybe it's true.... I feel light-headed! Help........

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