September 4, 2006


The band that has really caught my attention the last week has been DOWNHERE.
A couple of months ago Arpudh bragged about the band and then I listened to this awesome son called "The more" on air1's radio station and I got hooked. As usual none of their CDs were available in India and finally I caught a great deal on Ebay and received 2 of their albums. Last week, I finally got down to listening to their self-titled debut album and it blew me away - both musically and lyrically. These guys have in-your-face lyrics that do not dilute or mask the message they preach. Catchy vocals and riffs and a strong message run through the whole album and I would recommend you try to get it.
I was craving for more of them and today I bumped into a site that allows a free MP3 download of a whole song!
Download the full song "The More" by DOWNHERE from GrassRoots Music. I'm sure just this one track will have you hooked. The above link also tells us the story behind the song and has the lyrics. You can tell why I fell in love with the band.
And if that wasnt enough, I also got to hear a brand new song called "A Better Way" on KLove radio - another awesome song! In this time when bands substitute a "positive message" for the Gospel and when vague references for God, Downhere has shown through 3 albums that they still like to present the Gospel undiluted and straightforward. Thank God I found them!!

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