July 23, 2006

Thoughts on Leading Worship

Gladwin was leading worship today and although we had met yesterday for practice, we were still underprepared musically and had lots of loose chords and starts. As usual God took charge and although we did hit a few wrong chords, the church truly worshipped the Lord. The songs came out well and we were quite happy. At the end Peter Dailey met us and offered to help smoothen out our worship. He noticed the lack of proper practice and coordination and was willing get set things better organised.
I realise that we tend to be quite haphazard in our approach to leading worship. Part of the reason is the busy and varied schedules each of us have making co-ordination of practice, chords and stuff quite difficult. But everytime we find that God takes care of all the inadequacies and the singing and worship come out OK.... great.... enjoyable.... awesome. Got me thinking - is depending on God's power an excuse for being disorganised. Can we blame it all on busy schedules and lack of time. Maybe not. Just like we spend hours on paper-readings, academic activities, theses, exams I guess we need to be more structured in our approach to leading worship. Over the next few weeks, I hope that things get clearer and we get better.
Worship, and Leading Worship, is a serious but enjoyable interaction with God and we cannot be slipshod or haphazard.
God, help us coordinate better to exalt your name more!

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