July 21, 2006

Luke gets back home

Finally all the tests were over. I'll post Sheba's mail here so you can get an idea of what it means:
Thank you for your constant prayers. Luke was discharged last night fromthe Cleveland Children's hospital with the following brief diagnosis. All tests point to a metabolic disorder. They havent told if the condition existed at birth, but his symptoms definitely started early as he used to be allergic to protein from about 3 months. The ophthalmologists confirmed that this has affected his optic nerve which is why he currently has limited vision. This might also explain why he sometimes blinks for a few minutes when he first wakes up and sees light. ButNo explanation has been given for:
1. His significant improvement since June 2005. His eyes have started tracking objects and he responds very well to sound.
2. His blinking stops if Lisa puts her hand over his eyes.
3. His motor skills have improved dramatically over the past three months, where he has started grasping Lisa's (or mine ;) hair when hel ies on the shoulder, uses his hands more and has controlled leg movements
4. His balance has improved. His neck does not slouch and his head control is much better. he can sit, stand and walk with a little support.
5. So much more,..you have to see him!
I dont know if you can see it, but from our side, we know thateverything that cannot be explained finds perfect reason in our Jesus.The doctors did acknowledge that there is much hope in his treatmen tsince all his skills and faculties have improved after he turned six months old. While they can't explain the improvement, they can see it. No vital organs have been affected by God's grace. This is where man's power ends and our Faith begins. All through the diagnosis, the only thing that Lisa kept saying in her mind is " But God did not promise me that". To better explain that, let me share the story behind their son being named "Luke Daniel Ross".
When Arun and Lisa came to know that they were having a boy, they prayed about the name and decided that his first name would be "Luke". But they had a different name in mind for his second name, till Arun wasd riving Lisa to the hospital for delivery. On Dec 28th, the verse that Lisa read was:"Then was the king exceeding glad, and commanded that they should takeDaniel up out of the den. So Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no manner of hurt was found on him, because he had trusted in his God." Daniel 6:23
At that time she felt that the Lord was telling her that the child she was about to bring into this world would definitely go through times that she cannot control. But she could feel God promising that His protection would prevail. That is why they named him Luke Daniel Ross.
If you are in their house and you wake up anytime in the middle of the night, you will see Lisa keeping Luke's hands on the pages of the Bible where these promises are mentioned and crying out to God. Arun has displayed tremendous peace and calmness, constantly acknowledging that the Lord is at work. (You can tell how much we love and respect them!) We hope you can continue to join us in prayer as we wait for the Lord'sdeliverance.
From the book: Praying with women of the bible"We must not fix our eyes on our prayer or its answer; we must fix oureyes on the Lord. We wait for Him. Waiting, then is not burdensome because we wait for God Himself, the One who meets all my needs andnever late or incomplete in his coming."And that is why they call this peace that we all have...a peace that passeth all understanding.
Because He lives,
Luke's favourite Athai and Mama (okay,..self-proclaimed)
Jitto and Sheba

Sometimes I wish I werent a doctor. I had a chat with Lisa at 2 AM and she clearly knew the reality that the doctors told her and the hope that we have in Christ. I wish I didnt know the endless possibilities or rather the endless limitations that a 'metabolic' disorder in a child means. How many parents have I spoken to saying "There's nothing much we can do other than hope for the best" ... and tonight I understood the meaning of FAITH. I need to believe in something that no textbook or professor has taught me. I've been listening to Jeremy Camp and everytime I listen to "One day at a time", I feel like Luke is singing out the song for us.....

One day at a time i will walk this road i've traveled so far
One day at a time well i know i will carry on
One day at a time i can see you took my life this far
One day at a time I will take this faith along

All this hope i breathe is given by the hand that carries me
Until I'm complete

And i'll take all i will
To understand this plan you have for me, for me

I've been shut up shut down held out held down
In ways i never knew i would
I CAN feel your fullness in my life
Well i've been burned out broken torn out torn down
In ways i never knew i would
I CAN feel your fullness in my life

One day at a time I will take these words you've given me
One day at a time I will rest in knowing you
One day at a time I will share this gift you've given me
One day at a time I will walk these valleys through

All I know is that I see how much my heart
Is longing to be cradled by your side
And i'll give all i can to one day soon
Be held by your hand, by your hand

I've been shut up shut down held out held down
In ways i never knew i would
I CAN feel your fullness in my life
Well i've been burned out broken torn out torn down
In ways i never knew i would
I CAN feel your fullness in my life

In all these things i will press on
I'll be with you i know it wont be long

This is probably the longest post in my blog.... but my mind is so full of thoughts; thoughts that go beyond the knowledge I have and strive to learn as a doctor and soar into the endless possiblities of God's wondrous powers and mysteries.
I know Luke is safe in God's care and His plans for Luke are the best.
If you have got this far on this blog entry - please spend a couple of minutes praying for Luke.
Thanks for your time.

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