July 9, 2006

Ascites and More football!

Sunday morning started off with a bang! I entered level 2 Nursery and was staring at a new baby with massive ascites(fluid in the abdomen). I'd never managed a baby like that before and was a little worried. After getting a scan done and informing the surgeons, I was about to call up someone to make a plan for the baby when magically out of nowhere manish simply popped into nursery and soon we took out a little fluid out of the abdomen and found it to be meconium tinged fluid - that meant that the baby had perforated his gut in-utero. After stabilising the baby with some plasma and inotropes and speaking to the parents, he was taken for a surgery later in the evening. The gut was pretty messed up and some of it had gangrene. Dr. Sampath did a marathon surgery and soon the baby was back in the nursery. Night rounds took a little longer and with a sinking heart I realised that I would probably miss the World Cup finals. After settling everything I popped into the office and read the half time report on the internet. After ensuring that the babies were stable, I scooted to the TV in MIQ and joined the crowd watching the match. I got a pretty good seat, saw the highlights of the first half and was soon engrossed in some quality football! Really enjoyed it. Everything was exciting till the end of the second half when almost unbelievably Zidane did something absolutely unexpected - headbutting Materazzi and after a lot of drama, got a red card. I was amazed - what a way to end a football career ! Obviously Materazzi must have said something ugly for him to react that way! It seemed a moment of madness though - I wonder whether it will wreck years of a great career. Arent we all like that at times - a moment of weakness and all our Faith and Joy are sacrificed for the sake of a passing pleasure or anger! Lots of food for though... this incident! That was the talking point of the finals and after the match, I scooted back to nursery and checked out that everything was well and slept a little.
Eventful day - a new situation, some timely help, things better than expected and an unexpected twist to a football match. Great way to start off the week!!

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