June 26, 2006

Website back!

The first thing I did this morning when I woke up was to check my mail to see what Ryan had decided. I almost leapt with joy - he had unsuspended my website with a note asking me to disable the forms page responsible for the spam. I did that in 10 minutes and did a quick check to see that all was OK. Felt happy!! Also managed to get to work on time.
Now I have to try to think of a way to prevent such hack attempts. I'm not code/tech savvy - hope there's a simple solution to this.....

June 25, 2006

Not just another Sunday

Today was an action packed day. Here's all what heppened:
Miriam, Jyothi and Vidhya were leading worship. I turned in early to help out with the guitars. We had a brief practice. Abu landed up just as we were winding up, but felt confident enough to play the keys (He's a pro now!!) Worship was amazing. The girls also sang a special song just before the sermon came out awesome! Samuel uncle gave a wonderfulk sermon on "Walking with God". Although the testimony time was short we were truely blessed by a person from IEM (Indian Evangelical Mission) shared about their ministry and some practical difficulties. Try this: People who were trying to translate the Bible into a local language in Maharashtra were stumped at Genesis 1: 1! Why? There was absolutely no word for Heaven in that language!! People didnt even know God, Heaven, Hell!! And when they preached about Jesus walking on water - noone understood as none had been to a seashore!! There's a world out there to be reached.........
And after church when I was waiting in the Bus Stop in the hot sun for a bus.... Gladwin stopped by on his buy and I got a life back to college!

Website still down:
If you visit my website today - you'll still find the hosting suspended sign! Ryan(Owner of my host) and I have been in touch and there is a serious spam issue involved. After getting details, I dashed off a mail to Ryan with a desperate plea and proof that the spam was by a hacker probably. Will have to wait till tomorrow to get things sorted out.

A Nap:
Had a wonderful nap in the afternoon - blissful, deep sleep with no disturbance..... awesome.

Glorious - again!
After I woke up I decided to go to today's edition of the concert by Glorious again. I expected them to sing the same songs again, but I wanted to listen to them again. After trying to get someone to gimme company and failing, I finally walked to the bus and bumped into Trinity. We soon reached the auditorium and after a little confusion about the tickets we entered in. Although there were only 2-3 different songs and the testimonies were the same, I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. GloriousFelt stirred and musically satisfied! The singers were awesome. Such passion and emotions in their voices. I felt blessed!

The concert got over at 10.30 PM and we hopped onto a bus and I reached back at 11PM - my mess had closed. I grabbed myself some instant noodles from a shop, hopped into the office to do some stuff and after a little doodling on the net and sadly discovering that my site was down, I crashed into my bed and slept - it had been a weekend of ups and downs and I felt all set to face the week ahead!

June 24, 2006


Glorious - a 50 member choir - were performing at our College auditorium today. Luckily I was not on duty and pulled along Manish to the concert. After a little confusion meeting up, we were soon on the bus and made it on time to the auditorium.
The program was fantabulous! The music was amazing and the testimonies and sharing were so encouraging. I am at a loss for words to describe it - so full of energy and so filled with the love of Christ!
I'm still lost in the beauty of the concert.......

After it was over bumped into Cynthia [;-)]and then Manish and I had dinner together before coming back to my room.
The issue about my website being suspended by my host is unresolved and appears to be due to a spammer who flooded my domain. Ugh! If it wasnt for the Glorious concert, today would have been a depressing day as my website was inaccessible. Hope it gets sorted out...

June 7, 2006

Fuzzy.... to work.... and back

Woke up better, but a little fuzzy today. After a slow shower and breakfast went to work. Rounds went on OK and I felt stable till 11 AM. Then slowly the fever crept in again and I felt restless. Manish told me to take rest and I slowly came back - feeling depressed.
Slept a little in the evening. The rest of the night was bad - I was spiking a fever (103degrees) and the body pain was killing. Manish dropped in again and together we went to the ER to take a few blood tests. The results looked OK - a mildly lowered platelet count; hopefully just a viral infection. If I dont feel better tomorrow I'll run a few more tests.
Popped in more paracetamol and crashed out for the night.....

June 6, 2006

Down and out!

Didnt even bother to call up today.... just slept and slept.... and ate a little. Manish made sure I had the right meds and checked on me in the evning. Most of the day was a daze.

June 5, 2006


I woke up at 3 in the morning feeling sick in my tummy and also still feverish and painful all over. I finally got out of bed at 6 AM..... and puked.
Sorry for being so graphic, but I've been feeling sick the whole day. I called up Dr. Jana and told hime I wont be coming to work today, then slept most of the day.... or at least tried to. The only bright spot of the day was when Manish dropped in to see how I was doing. My leave would mean more duties for him, but he was cool about it. He made sure I had dinner and also bought some antibiotics and paracetamol.Thank God he dropped in!

June 4, 2006

Painful weekend

It started yesterday. I skipped practice at church as I was feeling a little queasy. It proigressed overnight into fever, body pain and a cold and I spent most of today in bed just tossing and turning and sleeping. Terrible weekend. Couldnt do anything at all...

June 3, 2006

Skinning the forum

I took a little time re-skinning the addicted2jesus forum today. I was feeling a little queasy today with a sore throat and some fever and somehow felt motivated to change the foru look. The old forum was slower and took time to load and also had some bugs.
After a brief search for phpBB styles and templates I settled impulsively on an orange looking forum style.
After a little doodling, uploading, messing around with the settings and then working on the logo everything looks set.
Do post you comments and suggestions about the new look. Sadly, there are very few posts in the forum for the last couple of months - hardly any activity!
Maybe you can get there and start posting!