May 14, 2006

Great time @ church

I was supposed to try and do the powerpoint slides for Gladwin, but couldnt do it in the night. I sleepily woke up at 5 AM (which is quite unnatural for me) and managed to finish off everything. After a short snooze I ran down to grab a quick breakfast and lugged my laptop to church! We did a little rearrangement with the slides and everything was in place... it seemed.... till we realised that I'd forgotten to put the Special Song (Oh My Soul!) on the slides. With just 2 minuted to go, I got Barney to dictate it to me and did some frenzied typing to get it in place.
Worship was great and the projector and laptop behaved well. We also managed to incorporate a couple of slides that Samuel Uncle needed for his sermon and another Hymn he wanted to include at the end of the sermon.
After many months I finally shared suting the testimony time. What I shared is something I entered in my blog in October last year. You can see in the entry here
Finally came back to my room satisfied! Now for a short nap.....ZZZZZZZZ.....

May 13, 2006

The rain

Gladwin was leading worship tomorrow and we thought we'd drop into church a 5 PM for a practice session. I dozed off a little in the afternoon, but woke up at 4.30 PM and we were ready to go. We noticed that the skies were starting to darken and soon big drops of rain were falling. Ouch!! We waited for 5 minutes and the rain seems to let off. We got on the bike and 30 seconds into the journey, we felt the rain start off again and scooted into a parking lot to escape. Within seconds there was a strong wind and windows were shattering as they banged on the shutters!! We just about escaped it. Five minutes later it stopped and we decided to risk the 10-minute journey to church. We sped away and although there was a light drizzle, initially we reached quite dry!
Mebin was waiting for us and we pluygged in the mikes and the guitars and just as we started practising, the skies broke up in a spell of heavy rain that was deafening!! We'd just escaped it. There was a lot of voltage fluctuation and practice was quite scrappy, but we went through all the numbers in dim lights with the amp misbehaving most of the time! Towards the end of the practice, the rains let off again! Gladwin and I managed to reach back dry!
Hm.... who controls the weather?!!
Her's a satelite pic of the day - there dont seem to be much clouds in south India...Hmm...

May 7, 2006

Leading Worship Again

The sequence of events is quite amazing. This month I'll be doing Senior Call duties in the department. Although it's scary and a huge responsibilty for me, one advantage is that I get every second weekend off. On thursday I called up Kenny to let him know that I could help out in worship. Kenny said that although he was to lead worship, he was on call and requested me to do it. I agreed. I was on call on Friday, but managed to get exactly one hour when nothing was happening and hence chose a few songs. I had to borrow Deepak's guitar (A FENDER!). The rest of friday night was busy. I got off work by 2 PM on saturday. As no-one was free to come to practice in the evening, we decided to meet up on Sunday before the service. Gladwin was down with a high fever and only he and Finny could come. I worked out the rest of the songs and late in the night I made the slides for worship. I went in early to church and rigged up the projector, amp and guitars. Finny and Gladwin came in 40 minutes before the service and Hannah also joined us. we did a little of practice but it wasnt too good. To cap things, there was a power cut and my laptop didnt like it. The projector then got overheated and shut off.... duh... that was weird. At the start of the service though, everything was OK. Although the worship had a few musical glitches in a couple of spots it was amazing how God moved and people enjoyed it. The rest of the service was great.
Thank God for the way He moves to put things in place.... showing us that He is in COMPLETE CONTROL!