April 30, 2006

108 degrees farenheit and a thesis submission

After finally finishing all the stuff yesterday, I finally went through the last leg of my thesis submission today. I woke an hour later than I'd planned and so ended up catching a bus to Chennai at 8 Am instead of 7 AM. The bus was not too crowded and I managed to grab some sleep on the three hour drive. I finally got off at Guindy and was welcomed by the wave of humid heat that rips through Chennai in summer. The junction I got off at had some major construction work and it disoriented me - it's very large and I didnt know which direction I should set off in. After walking up and down for 15 minutes, I finally flagged down an autorickshaw doled out 40 bucks for a ten minute ride to the University. I then lugged my bag to the reception and was soon riding the lift to the third floor and entered the lasrge are marked "PG section". It had scores of files, books and theses strewn all over. At least I was in the right area. After a very short wait, the Controller greeted me personally and accepted my thesis copies and the Draft. It was over.... well almost. I almost collapsed when she then stated that I need to submit 2 CDs of the thesis and also change the Draft! Although I despaired, I still felt under control. She however said, " Not urgent - you can send it on Monday!" Although that felt better, I wanted to finish it all the same day. I got back onto the main road and searched for an internet pub where I could ask the secretary to email me the thesis copies on the office computer so I could burn the CDs. After walking a long time in the sweltering heat, I grabbed a 500 ml Pepsi, downed it in no time and then found Sify - an internet center. There was a single guy there who told me it would cost me about 60 bucks for the whole thing - but he didnt have blank CDs. Luckily there was a shop on the second floor of the same building with blank CDs and soon I was downloading the documents in a hot humid dingy internet pub. I then found out that the comp did not have MS Word and whatever he had did not allow me to modify the files. I decided to leave it at that and burnt the 2 files I wanted.
I mentally prepared for the w3alk back to the University. A few meters out of the shop, an auto carrying some cargo pulled alongside and amazingly the driver offered me a lift! Now... that was unexpected!! I rejoiced for I knew he was literally a God-Send! He refused to take any money and simply said, "Just pass on the help I did to someone else!" How amazing!! Wish we had more people like that!!
The rest of the submission was a breeze and the Secretary was very friendly and polite. I then trudged out of the building and after a short stint in the sun got into another autorickshaw and took the looong drive home. It felt like travelling in an oven. Finally I stepped into my home and within minutes gulped down more cold pepsi and sat down in an airconditioned room feeling soooooo relieved.
After that.... home made luncjh with freid fish, a great three hour nap in the cool AC bedroom. After a quick dinner I left back to Vellore and at midnite I was back in my room. It was a tiring day... one where I realised that doing things in the last minute is dangerous... and also that God is more faithful than I could ever imagine! Any comments???!
I later learnt that the temperature in Chennai was 108 degrees farenheit... cool!!

April 4, 2006

{ WWJD }

A few days/weeks ago I made ablog entry stating that I had got 15$ in my paypal account and didnt know what to do with it.
A few days ago I stumbled upon a site which sold Christian wristbands. I couldnt buy them and then did a search for a place to use paypal to buy a christian wristband for me. Soon I was poring through ebay and found quite a few that I liked. The best deal was an auction for 40 wristbands at less than 5$! I bid and waited - there was 3 days left for the auction to close. Soon I was outbid and after some more bidding and being outbid I let it go. With 8 hours left I tried again and placed a max bid of 10.01$ and was the top bidder. I kept my fingers crossed. Unfortunately my comp stopped working that night and the auction got over at 6.30 AM in the morning. Later that day when I checked my mail, I had a noticication that I had been outbid and lost the auction. I just let it go....
One day later I got a notice stating "eBay Second Chance Offer for Item". The mail said: Good news! The following eBay item on which you placed a bid for US $10.01 on 28-Mar-2006 04:28:58 IST is now available for purchase: The seller, padrepaool is making this Second Chance Offer because the high bidder was either unable to complete the transaction or the seller has a duplicate item for sale.
I didnt even know such a thing existed and after verifying that it was a genuine email, I clicked the buy it now button and soon was on the paypal page.... and guess how much the overall cost was.
My bid: 10.01
Shipping: 4.99
Total: 15 $
That was the exact amount I had received in my paypal account the other day! Coincidence??!! I dont think so.
Today, I received the wristbands and they were exactly waht I wanted. I plan to sell/ give away the other wristbands and make a donation to church or some mission! How on earth did I end up with 40 bands each at less than 50 cents? You guess... but hmmm.... I KNOW who arranged the deal!
Thanx God for working it out in such a great way!

April 1, 2006

Regenerating older entries

Today I rediscovered a way of getting back webpages that have been deleted or lost. Its a tool called the wayback machine @ archive.org and amazingly it works!
My first task was to try and recover my previous blog which I lost when webs4christ was hacked. I held my breath and searched for the page and after a painstaking wait of about 10 seconds.... voila!... I had access to previous entries in my old blog. The images and layout was all messed up but the entries were still there!
I felt euphoric and was soon cutting and pasting all my previous entries onto my new blogger blog. It was a loooong task, but I really enjoyed reading the older entries as I added them on. It was good seeing how God had been and continues to be faithful to me in many ways. The internet tools available are amazing! I dunno how they do it .... but thank God for stuff like that!!