March 3, 2006

Escaped the rains

Lotsa things happened today, but what stood out is how I missed getting drenched in a sudden burst of rain we had today. I needed to finish some paperwork for which I had to pick up some forms from the college office which was 8 kn away. I decided to go there by bike. Just before I left I called up the office and Isaac told me that he would send the forms to my office the next morning. Feeling lazy, I decided that I would wait for the forms till the next morning instead of going to the office to pick it up. After about half an hour as I sat in the room there was a sudden burst of rain that came out of nowhere! Lol... if I had gone to the College office I would have been totally drenched. Felt quite lucky to be nice and dry! God does change some plans we make to show us He has everything under His control. To the world an incident like this is passed of as sheer coincidence - but I know more thatn that! How about you??!!
Also managed a lot of other work today.
1. Attended both morning and evening rounds in the Nursey - ended up feeling quite ignorant as I didnt answer a lot of questions Dr. Jana asked - but it did stimulate my thinking.
2. Finished my health check up and got the Fitness certificate for joining in my new post!
3. Saw Dr. John for my ENT check up, had an audiogram (my hearing was normal according to the test) and then got the papers for more tests to be done on my ear to see why I had the vertigo.
4. Started off work on my clearance paperwork.
5. Attended the final year PG farewell dinner and hogged a lotta great grub with 2 servings of ice-cream (duh... I don't feel guilty about it AT ALL!!)
Now that's a pretty impressive list for someone as lazy as me. Still gotta lotta work to do... but I'm halfway there!

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Anonymous said...

First of all Congradulations for the PG u have got and iam sure GOD is going to use you in his own way .. hay a nice time and trust him . Nice to know about your things ...