March 30, 2006


I had been working on the comp till late night and left it on and crashed out a couple of nights ago. I had some important database files for my thesis which I had worked on. I woke up at 3 AM and realised the lights in my room were all flickering and there was a brief power failure. I realised my comp was on and sleepily noted that it was on battery. I fiddled around and the power adapter didnt work. Since the battery is an old one, in less than an hour it ran out and I hibernated my system. Normally I create an online backup of my files, but in the night I'd forgotten. In the morning I realised that I couldnt switch on the laptop as the battery had run out and couldnt access my files. I was busy most of the day but the thought nagged me. I got in touch with my dad and realised that a new adapter would cost Rs. 2000 and would take a couple of days to courier it. My priority was to get access to my files and continue working on them in the office. I took my laptop to the local service just to ensure the laptop was not damaged. They opened the adapter and showed me that it was completely burnt out! Luckily they were servicing another Dell laptop and hooked their adapter to mine, accessed the files and transferred it by email to my yahoo id. This also assured me that my laptop was not burnt and was working fine. Amazingly they didnt charge anything for the work they did! I managed to continue working on the databases that night.
My dad in the meantime swung into work in Chennai and managed to locate the place where the adapter was available (It's pretty to get original Dell accessories in India). Yesterday he got it and couriered it to me. This morning, I called to check and just as I was calling my Hostel office, the courier came in. I spent my lunch break unwrapping it and it was perfect!
I felt sooooooo relieved.
Even in the middle of disarray and apparent damage God has a method and a plan. It may seem to cost us a little time and some money... but in the end it works out so beautifully that you have more reasons to praise Him.

March 24, 2006

Jitto's Visa

One of the important things that Jitto had to do on his trip to Chennai was to work out a Visa extension. It was a miracle that the visa interview was in Chennai and not in Delhi and it went on uneventfully and the visa was approved. So far, so good!
The visa and documents are supposed to be couriered to the home address within 48 hours. They were flying back on Saturday and on Friday, the visa had still not come in. We got a little worried. After some desperate phonecalls and emails, nothing moved. Appa managed to get another phone number from my uncle which was a direct number to the visa couriering place, but it was constantly engaged. Appa, Titus uncle, Jitto and I went out for lunch and then some shopping at a Christian bookshop and we still couldnt get through. As we drove back, finally after being on hold for 20 minutes finally we spoke to a real person who said they would try to get it by tomorrow or else on monday... duh..- there was a flight tomorrow lady!! The other alternative was to come to the office and pick it up directly. Jitto and I were soon driving down unfamiliar streets and bylanes as we tried to locate the office. We kept calling them to get directions and each call cost us 15 minutes of on-hold! Finally we reached the office with 15 minutes to spare. We walked into the airconditioned office and after 1 hour we had the Visa! What a relief. We went back to the car and discovered that we had parked illegally and the car-wheel was locked by cops. We thought that it would cost us a night in the cell, but it cost us just 250 Rs. and 15 minutes - the system was more professional than we thought. After the battery died while we tried to fill gas, we finally we picked up Jinta aunty from school and drove through the traffic back home!
What an amazing day... one problem after the other but there was always an answer - more miraculous than we expected. For with God.... NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

March 14, 2006

APGAR scores, The register, Zothan, Naan @ the Dhaabaa... and much more

I continued working on my thesis today. One of my tasks for the day was screening the 8000 entries in the labor room register of births for 2004 to pick the newborns with a low APGAR score - by no means a simple task. I pulled out 6 LAAARGE registers from the inner room and kept it out to do the job in the night. Luckily Zothan, an intern, is posted with us and I had no problems getting him to help me. So at 7PM we started off - each laaarge page of the register has seven entries and we had to scan the column which said APGAR. It takes only a couple of seconds per page, another couple to turn the page.... till you reach an entry with a low APGAR when you have to pause and enter some stuff in a tabular column I had printed. It was actually easier than we thought and by 8 PM we had finished two-and-a-half registers! I took Zothan out for dinner to the Dhaaba and we feasted on Naan, panneer and talked about everything unser the sun! By 9 PM we were back and at 10 PM we had just one register left. I sent off Zothan and lugged the last register and by 10.30 I was through! Felt relieved! I put the sheets back and grabbed a coffee on my way back, bumped into Sushil and we chatted for a few minutes over coffee (at 11 PM!!) and then I went back to my room, received a phonecall from Appa and spoke to S and J as well. You know what?! God can make very arduous tasks much simpler. I feel grateful!

March 13, 2006

Expanding the Literature Review

I had been working on the Literature Review section. Normally this goes to 15 pages or so. After a session of vigorous internet searches, journal-poring and typing there I was..... with all of 4 pages. I finally spoke to Dr. Anil and got some suggestions.... putting in more details of some trials etc etc etc. Hope I can expand it!

March 10, 2006

Done with cord pH

I actually finished screening the 8000 results! I got about 120 of them with a pH less than 7.00 and made a list. I now have to submit the list to pull out the records of these babies and see how they were treated and how they're faring now. I started work on the actual thesis writing and started the Literature Review.
Things are still tight. The charts may take time to get. What if I dont get all the data I need? What if I overshoot the deadline?
Peace... Be still!

March 8, 2006

Clearance done

I shuttled between the office and the accounts section (that's 2 floors down, a 1 minute walk across a corridoor and then back.. and .. forth!) till I got all the required signatures for my clearance to join my new job! Finally I submitted the forms and asked the ket question - "Er,.. Madam... when will the last month's salary come in?" The answer was 2-3 days. Felt good about it!
..... and the number crunching continued!

March 7, 2006

Number crunching!

I continued to crunch numbers on the comp today and finished more than a 1000 numbers! It's goinf faster than I expected, but the task ahead is quite big. I also managed to scoot down to the Principal's office 8 KM away and submit the Late Submission fees and get the clearance forms at the same time. I'll take each day at a time. What I need to do today I will do. No point worrying about tomorrow!

March 6, 2006

A terrible miscalculation

After a fairly uneventful night duty I got about working on my thesis - the main reason for joining the Neonatology unit. But unfortunately I'd ended up making a terrible error. I thought the last date for submission would be around July 2006. But I casually checked in the office today and I was informed that the last date was just 15th March and I could extend it by 15 days only. The situation was grim and I felt like kicking myself. After some discussion with Dr. Jana and Dr. Anil, an alternative strategy was worked out which left me with a decent shot at finishing on time. I was exempted from regular ward rounds and responsibilities as there were lots of registrars this month! Now I started pulling out some results of babies born in 2004 on the computer. It was a pretty big task - check the cord pH of 8000 babies born in 2004. Fortunately the numberThe results screen ids are in blocks of sequences and after doodling with the keyboard, I finally got down to a systematic sequence of keystrokes that would help me scan faster. Input number - [enter] - [tab] - [tab] - scroll - visually check if the cord pH was less than 7.00 - [backspace] - [backspace] - [left arrow] - [backspace] - change last digit.... and there we are.... my fingers flying over the keyboard till I found a pH less than 7.00 when I had to pause to enter some stuff on paper. There's a pic of the screen that shows the results! It's going faster than expected and I expect to finish by friday.
I'm very wary of what's going to follow. It seems quite difficultto be able to finish the thesis. I've been quite careless I guess. I'll just lay it in God's hands and work hard on it!

March 5, 2006

A packed church... and a gift

After the busy night duty I still managed to get to Church today! They had a special Praise and Worship session with only Hymns. I went in late and missed half of it. The rest of the service was great and Pastor spoke on Nehemiah. The best surprise came after church when Dr. Edwin, who'd just been to a Haggai Convention, met me and handed me a guitar plectrum! I was so excited! I havent played at church for quite some time now and hope that soon I'll be able to use it!

March 4, 2006

Exchange Transfusions, ventilators....

I started doing my first night duty in the Neonatology unit today. Saravanan was with me and Dr. Anil was the consultant on call. We started off light but by seven o'clock we got a 2 day old child with severe jaundice( due to the difference in blood group between the baby and the mother) and we planned an exchange transfusion (a procedure where we take off the baby's blood and transfuse fresh blood). There was no intern with us but I literally bumped into Rohit, who has just joined his post-graduate course in Pediatrics , and he was more than happy to do it. So Rohit and I scrubbed up for the procedure and I taught him how to do it. The procedure was thankfully uneventful and we finished a lttle after midnight. In the meantime we got a sick baby with meconium aspiration and Saravanan had to connect him to a ventilator. Another baby laned up with severe jaundice but that slowly came down with intensive phototherapy alone. I didnt get to sleep the night as there were a couple of other admissions and a few minor procedures. Everything went on OK and I finally left a little after 8AM on Sunday.

March 3, 2006

Escaped the rains

Lotsa things happened today, but what stood out is how I missed getting drenched in a sudden burst of rain we had today. I needed to finish some paperwork for which I had to pick up some forms from the college office which was 8 kn away. I decided to go there by bike. Just before I left I called up the office and Isaac told me that he would send the forms to my office the next morning. Feeling lazy, I decided that I would wait for the forms till the next morning instead of going to the office to pick it up. After about half an hour as I sat in the room there was a sudden burst of rain that came out of nowhere! Lol... if I had gone to the College office I would have been totally drenched. Felt quite lucky to be nice and dry! God does change some plans we make to show us He has everything under His control. To the world an incident like this is passed of as sheer coincidence - but I know more thatn that! How about you??!!
Also managed a lot of other work today.
1. Attended both morning and evening rounds in the Nursey - ended up feeling quite ignorant as I didnt answer a lot of questions Dr. Jana asked - but it did stimulate my thinking.
2. Finished my health check up and got the Fitness certificate for joining in my new post!
3. Saw Dr. John for my ENT check up, had an audiogram (my hearing was normal according to the test) and then got the papers for more tests to be done on my ear to see why I had the vertigo.
4. Started off work on my clearance paperwork.
5. Attended the final year PG farewell dinner and hogged a lotta great grub with 2 servings of ice-cream (duh... I don't feel guilty about it AT ALL!!)
Now that's a pretty impressive list for someone as lazy as me. Still gotta lotta work to do... but I'm halfway there!

March 2, 2006

Back on my feet

Today I literally got back to my feet and was steady. I woke up around 8 AM and realised that most of the unsteadiness and dizziness had left and I only had a slightly fuzzy head (?due to meds ?due to too much sleep ?due to an altered sleep rhythm ?as an aftermath of vertigo ?just me being normal!!). I felt brave enough to face the day, but decided to keep off from work. Had a lazy breakfast and then decided to finish off some bank work that I had left pending for a month. I put in a check that Arun had given me and thanx to the manager got the cash in my account instantly! (Normally it takes 3 weeks). Felt very happy. Then I bought a Hillsongs CD for Rs. 150 (that's about 3.4$) as it had a lot of my favorite numbers - especially the fast ones. Must've listened to it 3-4 times throughout today. (BTW my CD player's stop button.. and other buttons... are still not working! It's like a bike with no brakes or gears - just start off and play all the songs till the end!). I also received 15$ by paypal as a payment for something... yippee! Problem is I dont know what to do with money in my paypal account - seriously!
On the whole it's been a positive day - better health, some money, great music, some more money. I'm all set to go off to work at 5PM to take over the ward so I can be better settled tomorrow. Thank God for such days when He smiles so lovingly on us. I'm learning to praise God in bad times and also not forget Him during the good times! I love all that He has planned for me everyday - some days it don't seem right, other days it seems so great... but as long as I trust in Him, I know that each day works out best for me.... according to His will. Lemme hear you say "Amen!" to that my friend!

March 1, 2006

Running out of sleep!

The dizzzzziness is wearing out today but still not gone. It's kinda frustrating because it aint too bad (I can use the comp to some extent) but I cant get back to work.
The funny thing is I cant seem to sleep anymore. Monday saw me get about 12 hours of sleep. On tuesday I slept like for 16 hours and today... I woke up at 9 AM reported to work at NEonatology - more to just hand in my joining letter and leave and then dozed a little - maybe an hour and after that my body's been refusing to get any more sleep. Now my body's just a little dizzy so I cant exactly get back to work. Being at the comp for more than a few minutes leaves me cross-eyed! I read the paper but after half the cartoons at Times of India gave up. TV with all of them flashing lights ain't a good idea if you're not feeling steady! My stereo's been playing non-stop but hasnt lulled me into sleep now, I cant read too much. Logically the only thing is to lie down and goto sleep... but my body's been refusing my mind's suggestion to doze off! Help... I've slept to the limit! No more sleep for me. I'm wide-eyed, awake and getting psychotic - dreaming up ways to go to sleep!!
That's the limit I guess.
Just hoping and praying that this is a passing phase and looking forward to getting back to work!! I need to get busy. ...
Till then.... my body just drifts along till maybe sleep will snare it again!
Added: Spent the afternoon doing nothing. Tried watching some TV but there was Wesley Snipes trying to get off a running aeroplane and my mind said ... Ooops that aint good if you're dizzy. Managed to get my Sick Leave from David with just a phonecall.
At the end of the day I was left answering life's perplexing these:
What do you do when the stop button on your CD player just plays the last track again??!
Pull off the power cable to stop your player!
What do you do when Windows acts funny and keeps freezing up on you
Most Windows problems get sorted out if you shutdown and restart your computer. It's not given in their official website... but that's how it is! And if you cant restart?? Ditch Windows and get something else!! (I didn't have to get to that bit fortunately)
What do you do when you put some clothes to wash and find that the washing powder is running out
Duh.... goto the shop and buy some more (Precisely what I did!).
What do you do when ya can't go to sleep
Blog away!! I'm seriously running out of stuff to write here.
I havent slept a wink for the last 10 hours. Tried sleeping about a dozen times, but my body just didnt wanna doze away. It's 11:30 now.... let's see when I doze off.....