February 27, 2006

Lazing around

I decided to take leave today and just rest, relax and laze around. After finishing my duty at 8AM, I simply killed time, dozed off. Got a call at 1 PM from Mona saying we (the Department) were going out for lunch. I quickly had a shower and then zoomed off on my bike to the Restaurant. (One of these days my bike is just gonna fall apary intoa pile of nuts and bolts!) Had a great time. Started off with some soup called the Cream of Chicken soup - it was more cream than chicken and tasted like Rice Kanji. I was just about managing to push it down when Jolly decided to try reflavoring it with a sprinkling of everythging she could find on the table. You can see the end result - trust me, although it looks innocent, it tasted much worse than it looks. The rest of the lunch was great grub with lotsa fun conversations, jokes and humor. We did get a few stares from other 'eaters' who probably had come to have a quiet lunch.
I decided to get a little adventurous for my dessert and ordered a Falooda. I'll let the picture do the talking. Boy! was it heavy. That yellow snaky stuff you see on top is noodles. The rest is a mixture of ice-creams, jelly, fruits etc etc. Lol... I couldnt finish it!
After that we split. I gassed up my bike and managed to ride it back safely.
Had a looooooooooooooooooooooooong evening nap and then a quiet dinner, some surfing..... burp! That was a great day.

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Nice to know that you had a good time good one ..