February 11, 2006

Crawling to normalcy

After the bank work we realised that there were several things tipsy turvy in the house.
1. The phone had been disconnected: The bill hadnt been paid and it had been disconnected. There was nothing we could do except wait till monday and pay it.
2. No charger: We opened up the bags and found that the mobile Nokia charged was missing... maybe we left it in Vellore. A frantic call to Vellore showed that it wasnt there at Vellore. My mobile was down on battery and my dad's would probably last a day more -especially as the home phone was disconnected. The only option was to buy a new charger - an unnecessary waste of money. Amazingly the problem got sorted late in the evening when my dad decided to have a bath and opened hi bathroom pouch to find the charger inside. Problem solved!
3. Internet down: I switched on the comp and found out I couldn't connect to the internet. The link was down. We lodged a complaint and after our afternoon nap we found that the connection had been repaired! Problem solved!
4. Pump not working: The pressure pump for the water was not working. We informed the electrician but realised we'd have to wait the weekend. This was only a minor inconvenience as it didnt actually affect the water supply to the house.

Although the list seems complex I realised that they would all be sorted out after the weekend.
For now... just wait and BE STILL!!

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