February 28, 2006

Spinning around!

Today is my last day as an MD postgraduate student! Exciting. It was admission day and so I would have to do a 24hour duty. Started off with a busy OPD with lotsa Bengali patients and a bit of communication problem. All was under control till suddenly a wave of vertigo hit me out of the blue. I just about excused myself and went into an empty cubicle. After a few minutes I threw up into the sink. Still dizzy, I managed to get Karpagam to get me some meds and one of the nurses gave me a shot of stemetil. A little while later I was still a little dizzy, but managed to make my way back to the room and crash out - no way I could be on call today.
It was quite uncomfortable, but I managed to drift in and out of sleep.
Frustrating way to end my MD - a bout of vertigo?!! That wasnt on my plans!!
Anyway, it'll take me a couple of days to recover.

February 27, 2006

Lazing around

I decided to take leave today and just rest, relax and laze around. After finishing my duty at 8AM, I simply killed time, dozed off. Got a call at 1 PM from Mona saying we (the Department) were going out for lunch. I quickly had a shower and then zoomed off on my bike to the Restaurant. (One of these days my bike is just gonna fall apary intoa pile of nuts and bolts!) Had a great time. Started off with some soup called the Cream of Chicken soup - it was more cream than chicken and tasted like Rice Kanji. I was just about managing to push it down when Jolly decided to try reflavoring it with a sprinkling of everythging she could find on the table. You can see the end result - trust me, although it looks innocent, it tasted much worse than it looks. The rest of the lunch was great grub with lotsa fun conversations, jokes and humor. We did get a few stares from other 'eaters' who probably had come to have a quiet lunch.
I decided to get a little adventurous for my dessert and ordered a Falooda. I'll let the picture do the talking. Boy! was it heavy. That yellow snaky stuff you see on top is noodles. The rest is a mixture of ice-creams, jelly, fruits etc etc. Lol... I couldnt finish it!
After that we split. I gassed up my bike and managed to ride it back safely.
Had a looooooooooooooooooooooooong evening nap and then a quiet dinner, some surfing..... burp! That was a great day.

February 26, 2006

Touching up

Today I just touched up my website. No major tweaks or pages added. No major articles posted - just a little touch. Mainly changed the featured links and artists and included a 'Featured Blog' so I could include Tarun's blog on my homepage! Added one statement to the scrawl wall. That was just about it.
Nothing major - but enough to say "I did something on my website today!"
YEah.... I feel like bragging!
Should take the time to thank God for helping me keep the site going in spite of busy days etc etc and through all those hackings, deletions and server moves!!

February 25, 2006

Meeting Tarun

I've known Tarun for many years now. He's 3 years my junior at college. It's usually ben a 'Hi' 'Bye' kind of relationship as we each go through our own busy lives. We do sit and chat up once in a while. A few months ago he was diagnosed to have lymphome and is on chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the same. Man! Is he a cheerful fighter. I've met him a a couple of times after that and he always has a smile. Today was the day I REALLY met him. .... and it was online!
Annie started it off by opening up his blog at the office today and within minutes all of us (including Dr. Sneha) were poring through his everyday life. It's an amazing blog - probably the best I've read! Here's the link.
Tarun Jacob's Blog
It'll keep you engrossed for at least an hour and encourage you. So grab a cuppa coffee, turn on some music and click that link!
God Bless ya Tarun!

February 24, 2006

Pepsi Cafechino

Lately the ad for the New flavor from Pepsi has been all over the television. Makes it sound like the most exciting drink ever made on earth. Finally today at dinner I treated myself to a 500 ml serving of Pepsi Cafechino. I was excited - I love coffee and I love cola - this stuff must be amazing!
It was a big letdown! I was expecting a total different taste and it didn't impress me at all. Kinda of a subdued blend of sweet toffee like coffee with some cola in it. Nah.... not my kinda stuff.
Anyway as you see in the picture I managed to finish it off... maybe for the last time. Guess I'll stick to plain cola.
Any lessons.
You gotta read my page Advertise for Jesus to understand that while worldly ads let you down with hypes and exaggerations.... Jesus won't! Check it out!!

February 21, 2006

Music goes ouch!

OK that pic of my amazing stereo boombox probably already got your attention. Before you start snickering lemme tell you thatit actually has served me well for ages - during my hostel days, then at Chennai, during my DCH, back at home, during my stint in Kerala and now again during my MD. Ok the cassette player died long time ago but the equaliser and volume slider work! And that blue wire you see snaking around connects it to my portable CD player. That CD player too aint a pretty site but it's been to Sri Lanka, played music at Church functions and of course kept me great company. Sadly they both seem to be close to retiring.
Even after soldering the speaker cable plug and the power plug, the connections are loose. Sometimes a good whack on the top settles it... or a little fiddling with the speaker cables in the back. However that dont always work. So the music sounds scratchy a lot of times. Kinda nagging. The CD player works only in some positions, the buttons are conky (pressing the next' button takes me to the previous number!) and of late doesnt like to play the CD-Rs (I spent half an hour trying to play Delirious today and gave up).
That sounds like a bad rant. Actually it ain't that bad! Right now I'm listening to SonicFlood and after a few hiccups it's actually good. I've positioned the speakers so that the walls and the shelf bake the bass sound better!
I've been eying a few 4.1 speakers lately and maybe one day.... lol!

February 18, 2006

Night shift... then church

I did the night shift at the Casualty today as Swati was still on leave. It was quite busy when I took over, but by midnight things settles down. After a couple of coffees, some tea.... there I was at 2 AM with no new patients and feeling wide awake... playing Solitaire on the comp. The caffeine finally wore away and just as I was starting to feel drowsy, I had a couple of patients. I catnapped twice after that but the caffeine kept kicking me awake I guess. I left happily at 7.30 AM and made it to church quite early.
Worship led by Mebin was great. Christina aunty continued on Romans for her sermon. On the whole it was refreshing and great. The caffeine had by now gone and I dozed off for a few seconds somewhere inbetween. (Hope no-one noticed).
Then it was lunch and back to bed.... no caffeine to keep me awake!

Shifting the blog

After deciding to shift my blog over to blogger, I was trying to figure out how to shift all the posts from pmachine to blogger. After some thinking I guessed the lease complicated but more cumbersome way to do it was to copy and paste each post from my previous blog here.
After steeling myself I did exactly that.
Lol... I'm crosseyed now, but it went on quite OK.
Hope that this blog is easier to maintain!

February 13, 2006

Getting back to Vellore

After finishing off the phone bill work today, I lazed around. slept a little and after dinner left home to take the bus back to Vellore. As usual God took care of all the details like the autorickshawa, a quick bus, some sleep etc and I reached Vellore at 1 AM.
Slept peacefully and was all prepped up for work.

February 12, 2006

To Church

We were all hoping that we could go to church today. Hoping that my dad would be fit enough and also hoping we could get ready on time. It was a special service and being late would mean no place!
To put it in a nutshell, we made it on time and found place to sit. The sermon was excellent. We also managed to meet some friends who had been praying for Appa's recovery and all went on well.
Praise God

February 11, 2006

Crawling to normalcy

After the bank work we realised that there were several things tipsy turvy in the house.
1. The phone had been disconnected: The bill hadnt been paid and it had been disconnected. There was nothing we could do except wait till monday and pay it.
2. No charger: We opened up the bags and found that the mobile Nokia charged was missing... maybe we left it in Vellore. A frantic call to Vellore showed that it wasnt there at Vellore. My mobile was down on battery and my dad's would probably last a day more -especially as the home phone was disconnected. The only option was to buy a new charger - an unnecessary waste of money. Amazingly the problem got sorted late in the evening when my dad decided to have a bath and opened hi bathroom pouch to find the charger inside. Problem solved!
3. Internet down: I switched on the comp and found out I couldn't connect to the internet. The link was down. We lodged a complaint and after our afternoon nap we found that the connection had been repaired! Problem solved!
4. Pump not working: The pressure pump for the water was not working. We informed the electrician but realised we'd have to wait the weekend. This was only a minor inconvenience as it didnt actually affect the water supply to the house.

Although the list seems complex I realised that they would all be sorted out after the weekend.
For now... just wait and BE STILL!!

The Bank

One of the reasons I wanted to reach Chennai before noon was because we had to go to the Bank to cash in 2 cheques (from my brother and sister) and try to get the cash today itself.
In most circumstances the ban would credit the check immediately and then adjust the dollar rate on actual realisation of the check.
Today however they were a little moody as it was Sauturday and they couldn't get the rates. However after a little persuasion and patience they agreed to credit it at Rs. 43 per dollar and then adjust the rate when possible. 15 minutes later we walked out with the necessary cash.
If we didnt get the cash today it would have meant that I would have had to stay on till tuesday which would have been very inconvenient!

The Trip to Chennai

After a little delay we finally left just after 9 AM and drove to Chennai. The driver Ravi was good and we had a safe fast journey back. The car behaved itself except for a few vibrations and the roads were good - no complications!

February 1, 2006

Moving the site and the forum!

Over the last few days I bravely decided to move the site to another host which offered more space. It was quite an adventure. It involved downloading all the files from the server I'm hosted with now, then uploading it to the new server. I then had to make the necessary DNS changes so the domain pointed to the new host!
I managed to shift most of the site without much problem. The move however left the forum with lots of errors that I couldnt sort out.
One look at the error message and I couldnt figure out what on earth it meant.

Finally I decided to convert from the old, old IPB forum to phpBB.
There were quite a few scripts that did that but I struggled to get the latest version. After a lot of trial and error I finally found and configured the right converter script and managed to shift over to phpBB. My heart sank as the first step gave an error message but it seemed trivial (some duplicate entry error!). But the rest of it was quite good!
Now finally I skinned the forum and got most of it up. Hoping that there are no bugs! Thank God for some timely help from people on another forum who helped me locate what I wanted! I'm almost cross-eyed now! Enjoy the new-look forum!