December 31, 2005

A cheaper journey

Managed to finish off my work and as planned started my journey home. Now this was the usual break up of the cost involved.
1. Auto to the bus-stop: Rs. 5
2. Bus to Chennai: Rs. 46
3. Auto home: Rs. 40-50
So that's about 100 bucks. But I ended spending much lesser.
1. I stepped into an auto to get to the bus stop. Midway he got another customer who wanted to load some luggage and the customer's friend offered to drop me off at the station on his bike as there would be a short delay otherwise. Cost incurred: Nil!
2. For some vague reason, the bus ticket cost me just Rs. 41. Not that it's like saving a million bucks, but hey.... you'll never know how much five bucks can get!
3. I stepped off the bus and strolled towards the autostand. It's quite a task bargaining with an auto driver and I felt tired. Amazingly I saw this local bus that goes pretty close to home and I jumped onto it. Cost incurred: Rs. 3
And then I just walked the ten minute trip home from where I got off from my second bus!
To sum it all up - Total amount saved: Rs. 50 approximately. That's about a dollar and probably does not amount to much... but man! it feels good!!I'm sure God has a purpose in me saving that 50 bucks. My ears and eyes are open!!

ATM pin number

After getting off the bus, I dropped into the bank ATM to withdraw cash. I had enough in my wallet, but then New Year at home - you never know what you're gonna spend on. I waited 5 minutes in the queue, stepped into the ATM and stylishly swiped my card and punched the touch-screen confidently.... till an error popped up - wrong PIN!! Oops, my fuddled up mind had the digits right but the order was wrong. After the 3rd error I gave up and walked home. Anyway I was kinda lucky. This ATM is a swipe and punch machine - the card is not retained by the machine. So I can try again tomorrow after jogging my memory a little! Just a little frustration for now!
Added: I didnt have any problem with cash the weekend. What I had was more than enough!

December 25, 2005

Christmas on call

I spent Christmas being on call. Sounds bad right! Somehow it wasnt bad at all.
Firstly it wasn't busy at all and I had plenty of rest! Rounds were fast and we even had time to have a small Christmas meeting in front of our Emergency Department.
Second, no patient died. I felt thankful about it. It would have made me feel terrible if any child had become very sick and died, but I was spared the agony.
Thirdly I had great food! My colleague Jolly brought some food from home cooked by her mother for lunch and I gulped it down hungrily in my room. The custard was amazing.
And for dinner all of us on call in the ChildHealth department ordered food from a restaurant and had a great time together!
So it wasnt that bad at all. I managed to have a looong chat home and so well... it was a great day!

December 15, 2005

I've literally been hooked to internet radio stations this month!
I've searched for and discovered lotsa radio stations.
So now I'm listening to more up-to-date music.
Been discovering a lotta new stations - air1, Youthfire, Cleft in the Rock, Faithrock, acaza, crossrhythms, branchFM, Christianrock and a few more ones I've forgotten.
Any more suggestions?