October 15, 2005

Fused out at Practice in Church

As usual we met at church for worship practice. Shirley was leading and we sat down with the list of songs.
Finding the OHP sheets with the songs was quite a task as the the sheets were all in disarray, but we found all except one. Mebin started rigging up the mikes and the keyboard. He then got the projector out and plugged in the extension cord as he started unwinding it... poof... a spark of light showed up on the switchboard and the power went out! We quickly located a blown fuse. Amazingly uncle Thomas had some extra fusewire and we soon set it right. A few minutes.... poof again... the whole church power went off!! This time the main fuse had blown. We fixed it up again.. and set evrything again. And poof... you guessed it - the smaller fuse had blown again!! We finally found the source to be a short circuit in the extension board and after replacing, blowing both fuses together again when Mebin accidentally yanked off the switchboard .. we finally had it all set up. Mebin put the OHP sheet on the projector... and oops... the power cord was missing!! A frantic search ensued and the whole cupboard was searched. No power chord! Things kjept falling off the cupboard... but still no power chord! I kept aside the guitar and joined the search. A quick glance in the dark space behindthe amp revealed a black cable. Gingerly I snaked my hand in, looped my fingers around the cable and gently fished it out... and voila!! It was the missing power chord. At this point Shirley- and us - felt things were tipsy-turvy andcalled in Uncle Thomas to pray before we started the actual practice. Things went on smooth after that and we did quite OK - including one song that we were not too familiar with.
Just proves that prayer can calm a shaking ship!
Will keep you updated tomorrow about the worship time!!

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