October 18, 2005

The fan

My ceiling fan is unique in many ways. One of it is the fact that it runs at only 2 speeds - '0' when it is switched off and '5' - full speed - when it is switched on! It's been OK till now as the weather's been hot / warm and the fan was always on full speed. It's however been getting cooler and cooler the last few days with some rain. I took today off as I had an upset tummy and a slight fever. Now I wished that the fan regulator actually worked. '0' was too warm and '5' meant I ended shivering. I spent the morning switching between the 2 every few minutes. Ugh!
Finally in desperation, I tried fiddling with the regulator again (when I tried it a few months ago, it nearly came off in my hands, but didn't move a millimeter!).
If you look at the photo below, you can imagine why it's a difficult task.

The wires are just crumblig away and the cover has a large hole and the regulator knob is stuck.

Anyway I bravely tried again. The knob didnt budge. Carefully I kept a constant, steady and firm pressure on it and suddenly -'crack' - it turned. I first thought that it had come off in my hand.. but no I had brought it down to speed '2' - perfect!
I then went off to sleep, still running a fever and having a crampy tummy, but I slept a few hours without interruption.... and woke up much better.
Hmm.... wonder how a regulator stuck for a few months suddenly started working. If it hadnt I would have had an extremely uncomfortable day... well...

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