October 25, 2005

A Cleaning Blitz

I really don't know how it started but I ended up making a brave attempt to clean my room. Anybody who has seen my room will know that it is quite a daunting task. I'd cleaned up my desk a few days ago and it was clutter-free. I pulled out a couple of books and started studying. After some time I realised the floor below the desk was full of dust and started sweeping it. Then one thing led to another and soon I was sweeping the whole room. I realised that there was piles of dust and dirt under the bed and so went ahead and pulled out the stuff from there and sweeping it clean. A bolt of inspiration hit me and I decided to rearrange the room. Soon I was pulling and pushing my desk and bed and finally got the room rearranged.
Does it look neater? Yes
Is it better? Oh yeah!!
How long will it stay that way? Really loooooooong ... I hope!
On the downside, I ended up busting one of my extension power cords while fiddling with it.I'll buy one tomorrow!
I also rigged up my table lamp on the wall so I can study without tubelight on and it looks cool. It started giving out a queer smell when I switched it on... but so far... no fires or explosions!!
How do I feel? Awe-struck.. at my humble effort!!

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