October 28, 2005

Yesterday I wasnt all that unlucky, but today... oopsI got up early and decided to take the bus, but by the time I stepped out of the shower I felt too lazy to do that. The rains seemed not too bad and I finally decided to ride my bike to work. Wrong decision!! I soon realised that the rains were heavier than I expected and the wtare soaked through my jerkins. I reached cold, wet and shivering... but safe.
On the brighter side, the traffic wasn't much and the roads were not water-logged or un-ridable. I'll just be optimistic and say that it could've been worse!! I could've been stranded on some water-logged street, or met with an accident , or my bike could've just stopped.
Lol... better wet and at work that wet and stranded on the streets!

October 26, 2005


As Daniel uncle wanted to meet us once more before we left, we all gathered at the Darling Residency Hotel basement. It was awesome. We had a time of spontaneous worship that was so intimate and meaningful. After a round of introductions we had a very powerful message by Daniel uncle. How can I not mention the dinner which was excellent. What followed next was the best part of the evening. We had a time of prayer where each member of the worship team was prayed for by someone. It was amazing.
The whole worship team felt blessed and more united and together!
You can view the photos here!
Thank God for such times that are so precious!

October 25, 2005

A Cleaning Blitz

I really don't know how it started but I ended up making a brave attempt to clean my room. Anybody who has seen my room will know that it is quite a daunting task. I'd cleaned up my desk a few days ago and it was clutter-free. I pulled out a couple of books and started studying. After some time I realised the floor below the desk was full of dust and started sweeping it. Then one thing led to another and soon I was sweeping the whole room. I realised that there was piles of dust and dirt under the bed and so went ahead and pulled out the stuff from there and sweeping it clean. A bolt of inspiration hit me and I decided to rearrange the room. Soon I was pulling and pushing my desk and bed and finally got the room rearranged.
Does it look neater? Yes
Is it better? Oh yeah!!
How long will it stay that way? Really loooooooong ... I hope!
On the downside, I ended up busting one of my extension power cords while fiddling with it.I'll buy one tomorrow!
I also rigged up my table lamp on the wall so I can study without tubelight on and it looks cool. It started giving out a queer smell when I switched it on... but so far... no fires or explosions!!
How do I feel? Awe-struck.. at my humble effort!!


We've been having heavy rains intermittently for the past few days. I have to take an 8 km ride on my bike to work this week and I had been lucky to be dry the last few days - the rain always paused when I had to travel!
Today I wasnt that lucky! There was a slight drizzle when i started off and I did get a little wet. However my jerkins and helmet were enough and I reached with my pants a little wet... but that too quickly dried.
Thankful that the rains didnt break loose!!

October 24, 2005

Thought and verse of the day by SMS

Every few days I send an encouraging verse and a thought by SMS to some friends and a few others who have requested it as a part of The addicted2jesus SMS text messaging service is here - join and receive encouraging thoughts and verses on your mobile phone!
Depending on technology sometimes has it's downside as I discovered today. I typed in the thought ("If you were arrested today for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?") and the verse (Job 13.15). Then I hit the send to many option and chose the names from the phonebook on my mobile and hit send for each number.
Easy .. duh!! No way.
Normally I hit a few problems, but it's all done within 15 minutes.
Today I hit every problem imaginable!
To top it all, my mobile froze / hung in the middle and I had to retype the whole message again.
I've put in all the errors and problems I got on this page with photographs! Click here!
It took me more than an hour, but it was worth it! I got a couple of encouraging replies and thank yous and finally it was done. I'm sure several people were touched and got thinking!!In the end... I enjoyed it (especially taking photos of the errors!) and felt blessed!

October 23, 2005

Worship at Church

Daniel uncle was the preacher today and the theme throughout the service was Worship. Finny led the praise session.
We started off full of energy and towards the end... poof... the power went off. The problem again was a blown fuse! Although we were reduced to some 'acoustic' worship without the words being projected - it was still full of energy!!
We fixed the fuse before the sermon and the rest of service was power-ful! Literally and otherwise.
We finished with 'Blessed Be The Lord' and it was amazing : a powerful time of worship- just one song and man!! was it good!!

October 22, 2005

The Worship Workshop

Met in Church at 4 PM today for a session on Leading Worship by Daniel uncle. He's an orthopaedician who works in the UK and is a Worhip pastor at his church. He'd wanted to meet the worship team in our church and... there we were... huddled together listening to him, filling up a questionaire, discussing, debating, thinking... and singing.
It was refreshing as our eyes were opened to a lot of new things about worship, the reason and the attitude.
It was inspiring, motivational and truthful - like being hit with a fresh fragrance!
I'm sure it will uplift the team and the church - Praise God!!

October 21, 2005

My Bed

Over the last few days I had been on leave and spent a lot of time ON my bed. And today after returning from work, I looked at my bed and then slowly realised that the miscellaneous clutter of stuff on my bed was actually amazing!
Here's a picture of it

Click the image above for the full picture.
Here's a list from left to right. There's-
-Youth Touch: A Christian Magazine which has a cover page designed by Sheba
-Rheumatic Fever: A short textbook I had (tried to) read in the afternoon (the orange book)
- NEWSBOYS: a short book on the band's history etc which was gifted to me by Sheba and Jitto
- Some miscellaneous handwritten and printed academic notes (buried underneath)
- The Doctor's Life Support - my daily devotional guide
- My Cell Phone
- Nelson - Textbook of Pediatrics (The big green book on the right)
- A T-Shirt
- A disposable needle and some change (kept over the Nelson!)
- A menu card from a restaurant that does home-delivery (the blue sheet)
There.... in that little messy clutter there is a completeness which covers the spiritual, the academic, the musical, the personal, the technical, the communicative....whoa! My life has everything I ever needed - in just one corner of my bed - piled in two days.That little clutter just disappeared as I type this blog! But it's nice to know that every aspect of my life is enjoyable and God has given me sooooo much to enjoy.... all in one photograph!


As usual went to Bagayam (an 8 km ride) on my bike for work today. As I had a case presentatiion in the afternoon, I came back to the main hospital at lunch time. I had a quick lunch and stepped into my room when it just started pouring out of the blue. We had a sudden burst of rain that went on for a couple of hours - and I had escaped it! I can imagine what would have happened if I had got caught on my bike in the rain!! Gosh!!And yeah... the case presentation was 'largely' uneventful and I was spared any battering!

October 18, 2005

The fan

My ceiling fan is unique in many ways. One of it is the fact that it runs at only 2 speeds - '0' when it is switched off and '5' - full speed - when it is switched on! It's been OK till now as the weather's been hot / warm and the fan was always on full speed. It's however been getting cooler and cooler the last few days with some rain. I took today off as I had an upset tummy and a slight fever. Now I wished that the fan regulator actually worked. '0' was too warm and '5' meant I ended shivering. I spent the morning switching between the 2 every few minutes. Ugh!
Finally in desperation, I tried fiddling with the regulator again (when I tried it a few months ago, it nearly came off in my hands, but didn't move a millimeter!).
If you look at the photo below, you can imagine why it's a difficult task.

The wires are just crumblig away and the cover has a large hole and the regulator knob is stuck.

Anyway I bravely tried again. The knob didnt budge. Carefully I kept a constant, steady and firm pressure on it and suddenly -'crack' - it turned. I first thought that it had come off in my hand.. but no I had brought it down to speed '2' - perfect!
I then went off to sleep, still running a fever and having a crampy tummy, but I slept a few hours without interruption.... and woke up much better.
Hmm.... wonder how a regulator stuck for a few months suddenly started working. If it hadnt I would have had an extremely uncomfortable day... well...

October 16, 2005

Enjoyed church - as usual!

After the series of mishaps yesterday we were a little careful when we started off practice before service today. Our fears seemed real when Mebin started off my lifting up a mike and thrusting his hand into the ceiling fan above! But that was just about the only wrong chord the rest of the day fortunately. Worship was amazing and everyone enjoyed it. The message was good too. And Jean Aunty shared a little about her ministry with the gypsies.
And for those of you who read yesterday's entry -

October 15, 2005

Fused out at Practice in Church

As usual we met at church for worship practice. Shirley was leading and we sat down with the list of songs.
Finding the OHP sheets with the songs was quite a task as the the sheets were all in disarray, but we found all except one. Mebin started rigging up the mikes and the keyboard. He then got the projector out and plugged in the extension cord as he started unwinding it... poof... a spark of light showed up on the switchboard and the power went out! We quickly located a blown fuse. Amazingly uncle Thomas had some extra fusewire and we soon set it right. A few minutes.... poof again... the whole church power went off!! This time the main fuse had blown. We fixed it up again.. and set evrything again. And poof... you guessed it - the smaller fuse had blown again!! We finally found the source to be a short circuit in the extension board and after replacing, blowing both fuses together again when Mebin accidentally yanked off the switchboard .. we finally had it all set up. Mebin put the OHP sheet on the projector... and oops... the power cord was missing!! A frantic search ensued and the whole cupboard was searched. No power chord! Things kjept falling off the cupboard... but still no power chord! I kept aside the guitar and joined the search. A quick glance in the dark space behindthe amp revealed a black cable. Gingerly I snaked my hand in, looped my fingers around the cable and gently fished it out... and voila!! It was the missing power chord. At this point Shirley- and us - felt things were tipsy-turvy andcalled in Uncle Thomas to pray before we started the actual practice. Things went on smooth after that and we did quite OK - including one song that we were not too familiar with.
Just proves that prayer can calm a shaking ship!
Will keep you updated tomorrow about the worship time!!

October 11, 2005


It seemed quite straightforward - the pediatric surgery registrar was called to the Neurosurgery ward for a child for whom IV access was difficult and was requested to do a cut down ie insert the canula into a large vein under direct visualisation. Sajjiwent down to do it and I decided to join him as I wanted to learn the procedure. We started confidently in one of the veins aboive the ankle... but slowly things started going against us.
First the girl started moving and shaking and refused to hold still.. and the vein got all frayed and unusable. Sajji persisted and tried cannulating the vein a little higher up... but this time the canula counter-punctured the vein and came out. The tense father lost his cool.. he ranted and raved about how this was getting out of hand and how his daughter was suffering over the last few years and was a burden to him etc etc. We were a little taken aback. Sajji and I explained the options left to him and urged him to be sensible. He finally quitened down and allowed us to proceed with a new cannula and try to cannulate the femoral vein in the inguinal region. This time we deeply sedated the girl and allowed her to go to sleep slowly. Sajji then got back to dissecting out her femoral vein and careflly placed the canula and the catheter into it... he pushed it and it stopped after a few millimeters. Frustration again. I tried flushing the canula and discovered a leak on the side which was probably the reason it was kinking .... Sajji quickly ordered the nurse to get another new canula from the Pharmacy and careflly pulled out the leaking catheter and slid in the new one... it went in!! Our joy seemed short lived however -after a couple of centimeters it stopped. It had reached either a valve or a sharp turn in the vein. We tried all kinds of manouvers and angles and force, but it refused to budge. As we were on the brink of giving up we noticed that blood was flowing slowly out through the catheter - a sure sign that the catheter was in the right path. We persisited and as if by magic... it slowly went past the block and then glided in all the way smoothly!!
Thank God for giving us both patience and persistence - especially Sajji: he was amazingly calm!!
Normally the procedure takes about half an hour. How long did we take? Er.... three and a half hours... ooops!!

October 10, 2005

Swallowed Coins

It must be just a coincidence - two different boys from two totally different places came into the emergency department at 9 AM today after having swallowed a coin each which got stuck in their throats!
Luckily they were both very stable. After the Xrays three of us doctors went into the special Xray room to take it out under fluoroscopic visualisation. I hadnt seen one being done before - you put in a catheter which the kid swallws and once the tip is beyond the coin, we inflate a balloon at it's tip and yank the catheter out which results in the ballon pulling out the coin as it comes out! Quite simple actually.
The first kid (the younger one - 6 years) was quite sweet and co-operated quite well.
I was allowed to start on the second kid (an 8 year old guy), but man.... was he scared. He literally jumped and clamped his mouth shut. I had to give the catheter to my senior Jyoteesh who struggled a bit too, but managed to put it in when the guy briefly relented. A few seconds later the coin literally flew out of the mouth as the ballon was inflated, a check Xray done and the catheter was yanked out! The boy seemed bewlidered that it took such a short time and was actually painless. Raghram, the surgery registrar, calmly washed the coin and then playfully 'offered' it back to the guy challenging him to swallow it again!!! You should have seen the look of terror on his face as he refused to even touch the coin again... leave alone swallow it!!
All's well that ends well they say right!!

Anyway it got me thinking about what we do with Jesus. We refuse to hand over our sins to Him as we think the process will be painful and intolerable. We struggle, close up and refuse. Finally when we relent, the process is much more pleasant - the more we cooperate, the easier it is! And when we're exposed to the same sin again - we find it revolting!!!
That's my lesson for the day!

October 8, 2005

Updating the countries

I was browsing through the links on my new site Christian-Traffic and realised that because I had left the countries field on each link blank there was an image error next to each site which looked awful.
So I got down to updating each of almost 100 links with the countries! I did it in the library and it took about an hour. Thank God for giving me the patience... it could've turned out to be very frustrating but went on smooth!

October 5, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

Freddie had messaged me a few days ago saying that Nishant was giving a talk about the Da Vinci Code this weekend. It was amazing. I've never actually concentrated on such books, but it was a real eye opener! Nishant was awesome as he pieced together the evidence against the code. He's just over 20 years old and spoke with such authority! We were all blessed.
We also had a short time of worship.
I really wonder how easily people get deceived by mixing half facts with fiction. Satan uses some very innovative tools these days to try to destroy God - we need to be wary. Pray to God for wisdom... Amen!

October 3, 2005

A cleaning blitz

I've been getting frustrated at how messy my room is. Bed is full of junk, tables are full of junk, floor is full of junk etc etc etc. My bed is covered 80% with books, bills, paper, old clothes, bags and I curl up in the other 20% to sleep at night!
Today I got fed up and set my bed right!! Now I can use almost 100% of it to sleep!!! Hope it lasts long.

October 2, 2005


Today was a planed electricity power cut at the hostel for 12 hours. I managed to sleep in the afternoon till 5.30 PM, but then spent the next 2 hours very restless as there was nothing I could do. No lights, no computer, no TV, library was closed and blah, blah, blah! David and I ended up chatting for a looooong time on the future of CMC hospital and it was quite eye-opening. I guess God uses times like these to open your eyes to a lot of things. Also left me wondering - what did people do before there was electricity??!