September 26, 2005

Sam's Wedding

Sam got married today. The wedding was in Thirunelveli - about 650 KM from Vellore (where I stay). Sathish, Arul, Venky and I set off last night by bus and reached this morning. It was a 13 hour journey. We took a luxury bus and it was quite comfortable. We made it to the wedding on time and had a good time. We then set back on the 3.30 PM bus which was not a luxury bus. Just about survived the journey! It took 16 hours and there was an unprecedented 1 hours stop at 2 AM!! The route was different from what we took in the morning and it was quite bumpy!
Anyway, we reached back at 7.30 AM and went off to work straight!

September 12, 2005

Mortality meeting

I'd spent the last few days tallying and aggregating the 671 births that we had had last month. It's a delicate task as there's a 6x8 table where each entry has to be tallied and then numbers matched. Nupur and I spent a couple of hours doing it and we seem to have got it right the first time! I then just aggregated the data together. In fact we were so accurate that we picked up something that the office records had missed!
This morning I went through some case histories with Dr. Jana . The presentation in the afternoon was only 5 minutes - but so many hours of work behind it!
Went on well!!

September 11, 2005

Leading Worship.... again

After nearly 6-7 months when I couldn't lead worship, I finally got to lead worship today. I decided to try out an LCD projector this time. I managed to rent one out cheap from our office (cost me just 250 Rs. ie 6$!). Finny and I managed to lug the projector, the laptop and the guitar on a bike to church on saturday for practice.
The fact that I even managed to lead was amazing. I was posted in the Immunization clinic -a very relaxed posting. Unfortunately I ended having to do a few night duties - wednesday, friday and saturday: didnt sound good! That meant I had only thursday to work on the powerpoints, my mortality stats meeting work etc. I took a couple of hours off on Friday to get it all done. I had to report to the ICU only at 7.30 PM so I had the whole afternoon to do my slides and then go for practice at 3.30 PM. We managed to finish off the rest of the slides after the practice. I scooted back to the hospital and went for my ICU shift. I felt pretty tired! But the duty was very light. We didnt have many admissions. I did a little work on my slides between 2-3 AM and also caught some good shut-eyes for more than an hour! And to top it all Sunil came in early (I'd requested him) to relieve me and I wa out of the ICU by 7.30 PM.
We managed to squeeze in some practice before the service and set up the stuff.
Worship was great. TheLCD behaved well till the last song when it got too heated!! We had a special song to sing after that, but it cooled down by then. The special song - 'Everyday'- was quite OK.
Members appreciated the LCD projector and there was plans to use it more often as it helped encourage more poeple to worship and also read the words better!
Thank God for his immense grace!