August 24, 2005


Sometimes God allows you to function and think beyond your normal abilities!
Got a call after midnight about a 3 hour old baby who was referred from another hospital with severe breathing difficulty.
I saw the baby and thought he had a pneumothorax - air leaking out of the lungs and into the chest - on the right side.
Its not a very straight-forward diagnosis, but for some reason I was sure of it.
I called the XRay people to the ER itself (normally we admit them and then take the XRay) and also convinced my consultant that we should admit the baby althhough they didnt have much money to pay.
We quickly shifted the baby up and soon the XRay images were available - it was indeed a pneumothorax.
The treatment was an emergency as baby had severe breathing difficulty. I quicklty informed the consultant and yold me I wanted to drain it with a needkle and then insert a tube. He told me to go ahead and seemed confident that I would face no problems.
Although I have done it many times in older children, I'd done the procedure only a handful of times in the Newborn Nursery.
Anyway, we did it and the procedure ws uneventful and the baby improved quite dramatically.
I felt relieved.
Guess who was guiding my hands?

August 21, 2005

To Church ... again!

I made it to Church today - that makes it 2 out of 3 weeks this month! It was quite a surprise. Normally there are three of us who do rounds on sunday mornings... and one of us goes off in the afternoon. Today it was s'posed to be my turn to get an 'off' in the afternoon. But I was allowed to go off in the morning, if I did the ward rounds earlier or anytime according to my convenience. I tried getting to the ward at 6AM, but sleepy, lazy me reached at 7.30 AM. By 9 I finished 3 of the 5 wards and told Sanju, I'd be back at 12 for the rest. I borrowed Vinu's bike (I'd called him up in the morning to bring the bike keys) and I was on time for church. I also played (or tried to ) play the Bass Guitar for worship! It was great. Arpudh led worship and we sang a favorite of mine for the first time in Church - Blessed be the Name! Christina gave the message and it was a detailed study on Romans. I scooted back to hospital (forgot to fill up gas on the bike - but it just kept going!) and found that Saravanan had graciously finished off rounds with Sanju in the other 2 wards!! I slept well after lunch in the afternoon and had a relaxed day. And so here I am - updating my blog!

August 15, 2005


I guess it's a bad week for the electrical stuff in my room. I discovered that the bulb in my bathroom had fused tonight. Ouch! That meant a walk all the way to the store to get a new bulb - and I was too tired for it. In desperation, I searched my cupboard to see if I had a spare bulb... and buried beneath a pile of clothes - voila! There it was - a brand new bulb! Excited, I screwed it into the holder and soon my bathroom was bathed in the soft light!
Felt relieved!

August 13, 2005


Today, I returned from work to my room at 7.30 PM and was greeted by a dark room... my room had no electricity. A quick scan revealed that the other rooms had power supply and so it must be a local problem. I called the electrician and he prodded around for sometime and said he'd be back. I had a quick dinner and then dozed off in a chair ... no sign of the electrician yet. I went back to my room at 9 PM and dozed off in the sultry darkness. Finally they turned up at 9.30 PM and felt the problem was in the meter fixed for my room. They stripped it away and rewired it and soon I had power in my room. I also noticed that the wires were literally falling apart... very dangerous.
Anyway, I sleepily and tiredly got back into my room and after checking my mail etc zzzzzzzzed off!

August 12, 2005

The Quiz

One of my colleagues, Jolly, and I had to take part in a quiz held at Chennai. Both of us had busy schedules and hence could not spend a lot of time learning. We took a taxi for the 3 hour drive and went to my home (in Chennai) and after lunch went to the venue. We went in quite nervous. We started off badly - the first round was on embryology and we did not answer a single question. We started answering a few questions after that. To cut a long story short, we finally ended up in third place (we actually should have been second if the the quizmaster had not made a very controversial decision). Anyway, we did better than we thought. The winners were definitely better than us.
Well, we learnt a lot of things and so it was useful.... so losing is not the end of the world!

August 7, 2005

To church.... finally

After almost 2 months, I managed to goto church today as I was doing the night shift and was free (to sleep!) in the morning. Today was special as it was the church's anniversary service (15 years). It was an amazing service! The worship was good and the sermon was so encouraging.
And to top it all, there was lunch served for all! Amazing
I felt encouraged (and fattened) and went back.... and crashed out to sleep for a couple of hours before going back to work.