July 22, 2005

A movie and a break

After the tiring night, the best part was that I got 1 night off! That left me free the whole day and the next morning. After breakfast, I decided to watch a movie. One of my friends had 'Sahara' and I popped it onto my laptop and enjoyed it. The movie was OK - not too great, but entertaining! After that I slept till 11 PM!! I wojke up for a late dinner and then surfed the net, etc etc,... slept off, woke at 10 AM. Now..... back to work!

July 21, 2005


Tonight started off with a bang. I walked into work at 5.15 PM and found out that a child needed mechanical ventilation. Well that took an hour to set, including putting in the lines, etc. After 9 PM all hell broke loose. Jesinth had just come back from dinner and she waas reintubating a child when I got called to the Labour Room - a set of twins delivering! That started the ball rolling. Within an hour anothe premie popped out. Dr. Manishh, the consultant, started to get busy. Then there was another set of twins. Busily we started poking them, putting in lines and giving thenm the injections. XRays were taken. And one baby was started on CPAP. By 2 AM we had it worked out. I needed to put in a couple of umblical lines. Manish went back. And then.... another set of twins popped out!! And both had respiratory distress. In between putting in the catheters, we managed to start them on CPAP. More XRays were taken. One baby had hypoglycemia and another needed a partial exchange as he had too high a hemoglobin. Finally at 4 I sent Jesinth off to sleep (she was doing a continuous 36 hour shift, while I was doing a 16 hour shift). At 6.30 we had it under control - all the babies were saturating well and were euglycemic. Most were crying!! I felt relieved! Thank God for the strength to work hard as a team to get things going. The staff nurses were pushed to the limit, but they did everything efficiently!

July 20, 2005


As I started my night shift, I learnt that one of the staff nurse's son had gone missing and was probably kidnapped. We felt terrible - she was a very nice, senior nurse who balanced her home and work perfectly and this would devastate her. Although each of us continued to work, we were all praying that things go on OK.
By morning we rejoiced - theboy had been traced and had been returned! It was a family problem because of which a relative had forcibly abducted him!!
We all felt relieved - our unspoken prayers answered!!