April 25, 2005

Eventful Sunday

Had a very eventful sunday. I was on duty saturday night and it was very relaxed! Sunday kinda became eventful.
First off we did a peritoneal dialysis for a child with renal failure. Dr. Indira allowed me to do the procedure and I was thrilled! It was my first and it went on fairly uneventfully.
I managed to grab some sleep in the afternoon.
After 6 PM things changed. I bought a 25 liter water can for drinking water. I carefully placed it on an inverted bucket and it seemed stable. 5 minutes later.... crash!! It slipped, fell off... the top popped open and within 5 seconds 15 liters of water gushed onto my room floor. I kinda mopped it but there was still about 1 cm of water in the room (I stay in a hostel).
I left for dinner and went to the wards. I then discovered that we had a class! Felt lucky to attend it!!I c ame back at 11 PM and discovered more trouble. The water from my room had flowed out through a small crack on the door stopper and had flowed into another persons room. He seemed quite mad.... but didnt kill me or anything.My room slowly sytarted drying.
I then logged onto the net and checked my mail. I opened an unmarked mail my mistake and within seconds Avast was screaming out three virus warnings!!! My comp hung for a moment and then settled down!So phew.... so much action!!!