January 28, 2005

Perfect timing!

Did you read the schedule I needed to accomplish for today in order to catch my flight to Sri Lanka. Well this is what happened to me today
6 AM : We left Vellore
9 AM : We reached Chennai Airport where the others got off as normally required to board
9.30 AM: I reached the Emigration Office
10.15 AM: Jet Airways called to let me know that I had to be there by 11AM .. max 11: 15, else the counter will close
10.20 AM: The EO opened
10.25 AM: The peon at the counter was rude and said that nothing could be done. I ended up being third in the queue. I hurriedly fill the forms and the trave agent rushes to the bank 2 KM away to make the payment with the challan
10.30 AM: My name is called!! - the authorities have been waiting and they take me out of the queue to process my ECNR
10.45 AM: I left the office, informing Jet Airways
11:00 AM : I reached the airport
12:00 PM : The plane left... with me!
Isn't it amazing!! I thought it was impossible. What normally takes 3 hours got over in 15 minutes. We couldn't help but thank God for that!!

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