June 21, 2004

Lost and found - two more

Lost and found - two more
I told ya this kind of stuff is gonna crop up all over my blog.... and here we go again.
Today I borrowed the office key from the consultant as I had a paper presentation tomorrow and also had some discharge summaries to correct. I took the office key from him at around 8 Pm and after some personal chores, I went up to the office and reached into my pocket and ... you guessed it.... it wasn't there. I rushed back toi the ICU and hunted... not there. I then trudged back to my room to check and after a brief scan of the mess piled on my bed... there it was lying next to some clothes! Relief.... 'Enough adventure for the night'.
I then had a busy night as a patient got sick and finally at 2330 hours I started work on my case presentation. Tiredness overtook me and I slept off ... only to wake up at 6 AM. I hurriedly finished off my work and came back to the room for a wash and breakfast... and then I realised my hospital pager was not with me. It spoilt my mood and I felt upset. If I lost it it meant I lost a month's pay! After a grumbling breakfast I went into the ICU and ..... found it - under some charts!
Now please dont misunderstand me... I'm a pretty careful guy, but accidents do happen and lol! guess someone up there allows the.
There are a couple of other things I have lost... but hope that I'll find them... and then there'll be more to write in the blog... till then!

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