June 27, 2004

Central line!

In the oncology unit where children receive long courses of drugs, we try to insert a longer intravenous line that can stay for a month or so. It saves us the trouble of poking the child every 2-3 days for an IV line. My success rate for these 'central lines' is pathetic... I missed the last 4 times! Today at 11 PM my friend called me to say he had missed one and wanted to know if I could try.. reluctantly I said yes... and amazingly I got it in the first attempt!!
Now that don't mean that I've become an expert but it encouraged me... now to wait for the next time!

June 26, 2004

= Connected =

I'd applied for a telephone line a few days ago so that I could get my laptop online! And bingo within a couple of days the fellows had my room wired and the phone in...! Today waas the first day online and I now can update the homepage and my blog more frequently!
Praise God for that!

June 23, 2004

Sorting out the duty list

Today we came up with a problem in the duty list for our second on-calls> weekend plans had to be changed as one of them had a reception after his marriage. Things were a little tense as it shouldve been planned well ahead but was not. I had to play mediator and thanks to the peace of God and one of them who helped out we managed to sort it out with everybody happy at the end.
Then we had to sort out our Emergency Room shifts. It was even more complicated as the person who is doing it was sick till today and had to attend a conference tomorrow and there was anothe meeting which meant that some others needed time off in the evening. After Dr. Valson stepped in, it all got sorted out with minimum hassle! Phew... the complexities that keep popping up in life!

June 22, 2004


Last week it was aspergillus and this week it's salmonella... sorry for getting such complicated names into my blog, but my job entails me to it. If you read my entry titled 'Lost and found - two more' you'll know what an eventful night I had on tuesday. To top it all, a person in the ward suddenly worsened and I spent almost till midnight seeing him.I then trudged into the office to start off and within an hour dozed off right in the office! I woke up with a start and a headache at 6:30 AM. Hurriedly I typed what I needed and then went back. A couple of hours before the presentation I re-aligned my document. I took hurried printouts, bought OHP sheets and xeroxed them onto the sheets. Amazingly I didnt get any calls during this time (just a minor call). I even had enough time to do a nice afternoon ward and ICU round before going to present my case. It went on OK - although I spoke a little fast (Gotta learn to slow down in life).

June 21, 2004

Lost and found - two more

Lost and found - two more
I told ya this kind of stuff is gonna crop up all over my blog.... and here we go again.
Today I borrowed the office key from the consultant as I had a paper presentation tomorrow and also had some discharge summaries to correct. I took the office key from him at around 8 Pm and after some personal chores, I went up to the office and reached into my pocket and ... you guessed it.... it wasn't there. I rushed back toi the ICU and hunted... not there. I then trudged back to my room to check and after a brief scan of the mess piled on my bed... there it was lying next to some clothes! Relief.... 'Enough adventure for the night'.
I then had a busy night as a patient got sick and finally at 2330 hours I started work on my case presentation. Tiredness overtook me and I slept off ... only to wake up at 6 AM. I hurriedly finished off my work and came back to the room for a wash and breakfast... and then I realised my hospital pager was not with me. It spoilt my mood and I felt upset. If I lost it it meant I lost a month's pay! After a grumbling breakfast I went into the ICU and ..... found it - under some charts!
Now please dont misunderstand me... I'm a pretty careful guy, but accidents do happen and lol! guess someone up there allows the.
There are a couple of other things I have lost... but hope that I'll find them... and then there'll be more to write in the blog... till then!

June 16, 2004


You probably dont understand what that means but hey... today I had to present a case in the clinical meeting. After the most tiring extended weekend in my life I wasnted rest... nothing more. I finished work at 5Pm on tuesday. Dozed off till 8 PM, went to the ward to ensure everything was OK and at 10 PM sat down in my room with my new laptop, a thick chart and a small book to start . Jesus kept me awake and I finished most of the work by 12 MN before crashing out to sleep. I managed to complete the rest of the typing in the office after rounds and presented it... not too bad considering the hurried preparation. Thank God for extra strength when I needed it.

June 15, 2004


You probably felt your tummy churn when you read that ... but lemme go ahead with what happened today! After a quick trip to Chennai to see off my sister on saturday, a tired sleepless night journey back to Vellore, an admission sunday duty that left me with little sleep, I entered the admission day and OPD running on adrenaline and a steady supply of coffee. Admissions kept coming in regularly. Then things almost collapsed when 2 sick children came in. One was a child with blood cancer who came in with uncontrolled bleeding. She unfortunately died inspite of all of us struggling. Then we had a child who had near-drowning and needed ventilation. Thanx to a colleaugue Nisha who took care (she wasn't even on duty) we finally thought at 11 PM that we were back in control. Then the call came through... Praveena from our peripheral hospital called up to inform us about an outbreak of cholera in a children's home. They had 8 children they wanted to send to us... maybe more. A series of phonecalls and after making hurried arrangements we met the onslaught. Help poured in... interns stayed long after they were expected to to help in evertything. Nurses and admins relaxed rules to allow maximal treatment with minimal delay. And boy! I must tell you about our intern Prabhakar... I guess he has a dozen hands and feet and can be at 5 places at the same time.... Eight became nearly twenty but we were never at a loss for IV fluids or beds or people. At 6 AM when I finally went to the ward to see the kids together it was amazing... kids with no parents crying in hunger thirst, hunger and pain.... but alive and getting better. At the end of the day we were almost euphoric.... everyone was alive and better and no longer hungry or thirsty... just a little uncomfortable. They said we organised ourselves well to handle the emergency.... I say we just left it to God's hand. You decide what's true!!!!

June 8, 2004

Lost and Found

Just before leaving home I had left some stuff in my friend's room and assumed that my stethoscope was also there. I dropped into his room before work and found out I was wrong. After hurriedly borrowing my friend's steth I continued to work. There... another thing lost. I forgot about it till the next day. I was doing rounds in the ICU. I picked up a chart and was scanning through it sitting on the table and bingo! there was my steth right next to me. I'd left it in the ICU before and after going all around the place someone had left it on the table. Another sigh of relief!

June 5, 2004

A Testimony to His Faithfulness!

Today was a very special day. My sister got engaged today. J and S had planned a simple but prayerful ceremony with lots of relatives and friends. They had specially planned out a testimony, songs etc to glorify God's name and it was wonderful. I was the master of ceremonies and enjoyed God's presence. In fact, everybody felt God's presence. Every step of her engagement was miraculous and I'm sure she'll testify to it.  Praise God for a Blessed Day!!

June 1, 2004

My learner's license

oday I decided to try and get my Learner's License. I was on leave from today and had to come to Chennai. Managed to squeeze in the license before that! Feeling quite impressed with it.
Now for the tough part... getting the time to learn driving and go for my license!