April 23, 2004

An Inspection!

Today a representative from the MEdical Council of India came by to check the hospital and see if we were eligible for more PG admissions. It went on well. I was in ICU when he came and we had an uneventful time.... Praise GOD

The Love of God

We've had this child named Janani in ICU for quite a few days now. Janani is not an ordinary child. Like most others in ICU she is sick and fighting to stay alive. Unlike many other children, Janani has never been a normal child. She has severe cerebral palsy. At 11 years of age she has severe microcephaly (very small head). Her limbs are bent and folded. She stares vacantly. Her back is twisted. She has to be fed by her mother. She can't even sit up in bed by herself.
And now to make things work she's been admitted with a bad pneumonia. She needed artificial respiration with a ventilator for a couple of days and although we took her off the ventilator she just kept worsening. Now we had to make a tough decision. Since the nature of her illness was irreversible we offered the parents the option of taking the child home. From a simple human point of view here was a child sho never even recognized anyone and was totally dependent on her parents for each activity. What's the use of just going on...
The mother then made a decision. "I want all the treatment that is necessary. I will pay for it even if it costs me everything. This is my only child and I had her after many years of infertility. I'd rather die than watch my child die...."
That is love. I could not but equate it to what Christ did for me.... I was worthless...incapable of any good. A parasite. Yet He loved me enough. He paid the full price for my redemption and cure. "I'd rather die than watch this child of mine die" He said and laid down Hid life for me. He loves me as though I am His only child..
What an amazing lesson I learnt........

April 16, 2004

India Wins!!

Today India beat Pakistan and won their first series of Test cricket in Pakistan after a loooooong time. Just felt excited about it!!!

April 15, 2004

A little shopping!

I needed to buy a few stuff like an AC adapter for my discman and a shoulder-strap and some picks for a guitar.
It was kinda fun... no good deals but I got what I wanted.

April 14, 2004

Almost missed a class

I finished work at about 8:30 PM today and after dinner simply decided to drop into the ward again to check out a couple of things. My friend called me from behind... he was armed with a book and a pen. And hmm... informed me that we had a class at 10 PM (yes we medicos have unearthly hours of classes!). I'd almost missed it because I didn't know about it. Thank God for the timely reminder!

April 11, 2004

Almost zzzzzz..ed away!!

Finished a night duty and came back to the room an hour before church began....and unbelievably dozed away. Almost magically I woke up in half an hourand managed to rush to church on time!
And that wasn't all!! I came back from church and still had an hour to get back to work.... and ..... you guessed it! I dozed off again! And magically I woke up on time to have a hurried lunch and rush to work, a little late!!
Hmm... God watches over you and cares more than you can ever think!!

April 8, 2004

My certificates - lost and found

If you've read my old posts, you would've known that I'd lost my degree certificates and applied for duplicates and finally got them after a long delay. Well a couple of days ago my mom called up and said that the originals were found in the house itself.
Lol... it's kinda funny, but feels good!!