March 28, 2004

The court case

What court case? As you know I got into my MD course this year. We sent in our enrolment forms to the University through our college and got a rude shock! They said they could register only half of us as the other half would have to be allotted via the common State Entrance exams! The matter had cropped up a few months ago, but it had been sorted out legally .. and now the Government was acting strange again. Our college administration took the matter to court again, and after a nervous 2 weks they relented and allowed us to enrol... Phew... that was close!

March 26, 2004

Batteries down!!

I cannot live without music...! I play music on an old rickety 80 watt boombox which I need to bash up once in a while to get the sound out!! Also connected a CD discman to it. And a couple of days ago, the discman refused to switch on!! I almost died 2 days without music. I did a little digging around and found that the AC adapter had burnt out. I didn't want to go hunting for one and didn't want to spend money repeatedly on batteries. I bumped into a friend today and asked him if he had an adapter. "Yes " he said.. and I could borrow it... Sweet!! I dropped into his room and eagerly took it... and found that it didn't fit into my discman. Ouch. "Hey... you can borrow my rechargeable bateries and charger... I don't need it", he said. Lol!! Soon there was music in my room again. Wonder how God comes up with such solutions!!

March 21, 2004

Leading worship at Church

After being out of Vellore for a year, it was good to be back at my church in Vellore. I prepared to lead worship on the 21st and it was amazing how God led me to choose the songs and the theme. We practised on the 20th and found that a few of the songs were not coming out well... but hey, we just left it to God and as expected He moved and the worship was wonderful. God chooses the available... not just the able!!

March 20, 2004

Billing Blues

One of the delicate things that we need to handle is to ensure that patients pay their bills reguilarly. It gets worse when a child has expired or is being discharged against medical advice and they don't have money to pay the bill.
I've been on night shift this week. A child expired in the morning and the mother said she couldn't pay the bill. The body, as per hospital protocol, is kept in the mortuary. She kept coming and weeping her story. Unfortunately I don't have the authority to give a concession. Early in the morning when I called up the Head of the Department for something else, she enquired specifically about this case and then agreed to give a concession immediately. Made me fel relieved.
Another child who was discharged against advice had the same problem. I took over at about 8 PM and the parents approached me at 9 PM for a concession as they did not have the money. All I could inform them was my powerlessness. Then out of the blue the Head of Unit called up at 10 PM to enquire specifically about this child. She felt their claim was genuine and alowed them to go.
Now there are many many more cases where patients get a concession, but these two were incidents where I felt stuck, but God moved to sort it out!

March 16, 2004

My driver's license - lost and found

Suddenly I found that my driver;s license was not there. I usually carry it in my pocket when I goto work and I found it wasn't in the usual place I keep it when I started off to work. 3-4 days later... still no sign of it. Then today I gave my clothes to the dhobi and 10 kinutes later there was a knock on the door. There , he was holding my license and some other papers saying, 'Sir this was in your shirt pocket!'. Lol... it saved me a lot of trouble!!Gotta learn to be more careful with my stuff.

March 13, 2004

Out of Gas!!

Had to goto church in the evening to practice with the worship team. Took my bike and started zoming and splutterr... cough... drr.... she ran out of gas!! And guess where she stopped??!!! Right in front of a petrol station! Man... that felt wonderful!! Enjoy!! Thought for the Day: God not only orders our steps... He also orders our STOPS!
(Read that somewhere!!)

March 8, 2004

A coincidence?

Today we had a sick child who nearly stopped breathing and hence needed a ventilator (a machine that breathes for the patient). After I finished the procedure and connected her to the ventilator I noticed a lot of air beneath the skin in her neck. We took an XRay that showed some amount of air had leaked out of the lunk. We were wondering whether a tube needed to put to take the air out, but were unsure. I was about to call up one of the consultants to check, when the head of another paediatric unit who just glanced at the XRay and commented on exactly what to do... even when none of us had asked!!!! The consultant from the particular unit came in a little while later and said the same thing. Amazing... how God sends people out of the blue to help you!!

March 7, 2004

Starting off with ICU!

I started off my MD course with a bang. ... I was posted in the Paediatric ICU doing the night shift. I was a little nervous as I was a little rusty with critical care. Anyway the going was a little rough but I had no major probs as there were always people to help me. Missed a couple of IV lines, Struggled with an intubation, but also started a lot of difficult IV lines, arterial lines, etc etc. So praise God for allowing me to settle in without major problems!!